New to this…completely confused now

Posted: January 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well…after multiple attempts and password resets I’ve finally gotten through and kinda figured out how to post.  Initially the point of all this will be to get schtuff off my chest.  Gosh, so much going on just don’t know where to start.  I have a lot of hobbies but darnitall if politics doesn’t keep intruding and pissing me off.  

Let’s see…at the top of the list is the WPIH Jimmah Cahtuh at UGA running his trap trying to defend his indefensible positions with the fawning AJC at his heels.  Then we have the Hildabeasts ‘announcement’ that she’s in to win.  Oh yeah, like we didn’t see that one coming for the last 15 years.  One of my favorite blogs had an interesting little piece where he noted the video of her chat seems to have been filmed in the spring or summer.  Ya gotta laugh.  Virtually hours after announcing she’s got an exploratory committee or something she then announces she’s running.  Methinks she’s worried about Obamamania.   This is going to be a fun few years  BWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

And don’t you just love the latest screeds by Robert Redford admitting HellA is leftist and bemoaning that it’s Bush’s fault (isn’t everything?) because he’s assaulting our ‘rights’.  Um…let me just noodle on this one a bit.  Just this past week a leftard by name of Kucinich has been parroting the idea of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine.  If that isn’t an assualt on the first amendment well by jingo Hitlery isn’t a liar.  Any attempt to squelch speech in the media that they do not agree with is an infringement on free speech.  End of discussion.  How do folks not get that?   See what they want is for every hour of something that gets good ratings and helps pay the bills…ergo something folks TUNE in to… they want the government to force radio stations to allow some idiotard an hour to spout their points of view whereby people will TUNE out causing the radio station to lose money.  Get it… government forces a private company that exists to provide jobs and income for stockholders to play something that could cause them to go under (see Air America)  It is a fact that blatantly leftist media rarely survives when it is confronted with an informed public.  OH…and the now dictator of Venezuala that the left lionizes has shut down every privately owned media outlet in the country.  I can connect the dots here Redford if you can’t.  It’s leftists that want to curb citizens civil rights not the other way around.  Perhaps if they could give me an informed list of actual infringements on our rights the Bush administration has pushed then I’ll talk but they don’t…it’s just the same old worn out accusations with no substance…great big YAWN.

Ahh  so much out there in the in the ‘sphere…CAIR has their knickers in a bunch over ’24’.  I admit I’ve never seen an entire episode and saw about 15 minutes of this past weekend and proceeded to get ticked at it.  I saw the ‘white man bad’ segment and determined it was more of the leftist tripe constantly being trotted out for our indigestion.  Well…if CAIR has their keffiyahs is a twist it may be worth a second gander…we’ll see.  Don’t have much time for network idiotvision anyway…got critters to take care of…two and four legged.  Besides, there’s the knitting (making the Baby Bobbi Bear for a pregnant relative, socks on the needle, still haven’t finished that darn massive granny square afghan, and not telling what else I’ve blocked from my memory), reading Duchess–A novel of Sarah Churchill by Susan Holloway Scott.  Pretty good, who knew she was bi… and who cares really.  I did some research and it appears that while same sex behavior between men was viewed with abhorrence (sp?),  with women it was just a kind of friendship thing…when it did occur.  And from all accounts, Sarah did what she deemed was necessary to secure her position and fortune with the princess.  Last book was about Elizabeth Winthrop by Anya Seton.  I’m so glad they are re-releasing her books.  She is one of my favorite authors ever since I read Avalon and Green Darkness back in high school.  

Gonna watch at least one of the big games today.  Going to friends for a cookout and I’m making Bananas Foster for dessert.  If you’re in the neighborhood, come on over.  Anyway, got some scratchin to do…….


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