Posted: January 23, 2007 in Uncategorized

If there’s one thing that will get under my skin fast it’s this idea of a living wage. What the heck is that? Today I received this pathetic sounding email, full of emotion and blather, full of ‘information’ regarding these poor workers at Vanderbilt University. Problem is…it’s from one of those typical liberal organizations and they have a website. Go have a looksy

There you’ll be confronted with petitions to save polar bears, prairie dogs, antisocialist democrats…ok..that last one was made up. But back to the email…here’s the text:

Imagine working full-time to keep the doors of an institution open, only to take home a paycheck that doesn’t cover even basic necessities. All the while, the president of your institution enjoys a salary of $1.2 million a year!

This situation is a painfully reality to many of America’s hardest working families. In fact, according to The New York Times one employee at Vanderbilt University was forced into a homeless shelter because she couldn’t make ends meet on her wages.

Tell the Vanderbilt Trustees that America’s workers and their families must be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity.

Vanderbilt University stubbornly refuses to pay its workers a living wage despite having an overall budget of $2.2 billion dollars. The unsung heroes that keep the doors of this institution open – groundskeepers, custodians and food services workers, among others – can’t afford even the basic necessities for themselves or their families.

This tragic situation affects not only the workers, but also their children, neighbors, and the communities they live in. We need your voice now in order for the university to change its inhumane policies. Sign the petition at: >>

This petition will be delivered to the Board of Trustees on Jan. 26. Please act today!

Amazing huh? Well I replied to ‘Robin E.’ and if their filters don’t delete my email, here’s what he/she will be sucking on later:

Take me off this email list. The whole concept of a ‘living wage’ is as bogus as the NYT. Who determines this magic living wage? Forcing a business or institution to pay someone more than the market value of their skills is a ridiculous concept bandied about only by liberal morons that have no real concept of a free market economy. If the person(s)/board of directors or whoever makes those kinds of decisions for Vanderbilt decides the president is worth $1.2 mil, then that’s between them. And what your sad little email fails to address is what are the lifestyle choices these families have made that have contributed to their situation? Lack of education, having children without the education or means to support them in the first place…what? Many in this country are tired of this type of misinformation and class warfare.
Have a nice day.

Any questions as to how I really feel? Jerks….lying jerks.


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