Thoughts on the SOTU…

Posted: January 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

Seemed Bush was reiterating what he said in previous SOTUs. If you wonder why, you need look no further than the pundits and MSM that have been picking it apart since the first clap was heard. I’d say that liberals just don’t get it. The MSM just doesn’t get it. I’ve never seen a bunch of people with their collective craniums so firmly buried in their sphinctors. What will it take? It defies any sort of logic. And the fact that those that are supposed to research and report seem to be so inept at that basic function of a journalist. What are they teaching at the Columbia School of Journalism? Let’s take a gander at what I’m talking about.

I give you this from todays WaPo: …”lumping together disparate groups with opposing ideologies to suggest that they have a single-minded focus in attacking the United States.” They seem to be under the impression that we can only have one enemy at time and all this talk of Shias, Sunnis, Shiite, etc is misleading. They all can’t be part of the problem. Well, they are. While it’s true their ideologies may be different and they may consider each other heretics (which would be like Baptists and Methodists going to war against each other) they are also all islamists and they are unified in their hatred of the West in general and the US in particular because we don’t kneel down for the pedophile prophet Mohammed. So while they may want to take each other out of the gene pool, they also want to remove the US. And it’s the same around the world.

Look anywhere there’s a battle or war going on. Indonesia, Russia, Denmark, France…anywhere. It’s muslims against any non-muslim group. And that crosses whatever ideological lines that exist within these muslim communities. The evidence is so plain that I guess that’s why the WaPo and their islamist apologists miss it. If we can’t get the media to accurately report what’s going on so we have a better understanding, God help us all.
And these constant asides about Pelosi sitting stone faced…I must have missed that. Whenever I looked at the screen which was pretty often in the last 30 min of the speech, she was just constantly shifting her eyes around the gallery and kinda semi-smiling. Where was the stone-faced facade? Must have missed that. But the Hildebeast did appear to have razor blades on her hands when she clapped.

Criticisms…yeah I got them. Bush still doesn’t think tightening immigration and closing that 2,000 mile block of swiss cheese we call the US/Mexican border is important to many in this country. All this talk of reaching across the aisle is now and has been one sided at any rate. Dhimmicrats have never reached anywhere except into income earners pockets. Energy policy? big fat zero. China can drill off the coast of Florida but our own companies cannot. Alaska? zip…. I do like Bush. He inherited a mess from the Clinton’s (the first co-presidency) and has probably done the best he could with some of the mess.

Oh…and while I’m at it…check out these observations from one Tom Shales: on Barack Obama ‘….reading from the speech, and thus appearing almost to be asleep…’ and Hitlery ‘….looking bright-eyed (and for all we know, bushy-tailed) and appearing to give the president her full and eager attention.‘ On Ted Kennedy (and I have to include the full passage here because it’s just unbelievable) ‘Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) was caught by cameras reading the speech, too, but he looks so venerable and distinguished by now that it’s hard to get a bad picture of him. In fact he seems more and more to resemble Claude Rains as a veteran white-haired senator in Frank Capra’s classic movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Life imitating art’s imitation of life.’ This would be the time I don’t have any Pepto around the place. And you thought the media wasn’t biased. Ted Kennedy and venerable in the same sentence. If a criminal can appear venerable, then I guess that’s true.

It really is going to be a fun few years. And I have knitting to do.


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