We got the house!

Posted: January 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

Buying a house is exciting and stressful. You find one that meets the criteria, give it the once over, even the twice over and then the bargaining begins. And in our case since the house was jointly owned in some partnership and both partners were not together-one out of the country and one out of state-the waiting was interminable. I begun to believe one was in the darkest Congo it was taking so long. But they both agree to our offer and now it gets exciting again. I guess it goes without saying that when you find the dream home to really try hard to be objective and not emotional. Our first house was an emotional decision despite our best efforts. It ended up being too big in a not so good neighborhood. At least this time we did some more investigating. I can’t wait to get out of the postage stamp and have my things about me again.

Let’s see…on to the news. I popped over to Media Research and saw the article on how the networks have themselves worked up in to a lather that Bush didn’t mention Katrina in his SOTU speech. How many years from now must we mention Katrina? Some evening news last night had an interview with some dreg that is STILL living in a trailer…at taxpayer expense no doubt. He is STILL.LIVING.IN.A.TRAILER. WTF? In 17 months he could not get out of that? What the bloody hell is wrong with these people. Have they no sense of decency, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps fortitude? I think all of us have lived through some down times in our lives but the reason we didn’t tank is we took our talents and skills and realized WE needed to be responsible for our own welfare. These parasites obviously didn’t learn that lesson. And with their dhimmicrat enablers never will. What has Ray Nagin done? Governor Blanco? No one calls them on their incompetence and culpability in the Katrina debacle. Last time I checked anyway the welfare of the citizens of a state is a local or state matter. What kind of precedent have we set here where the Federal government has to march in a clean up everything that happens on a local level. Why even have local representation anyway? Obviously I could go on about this what’s the use. With the dhimmicrats in control and their sycophants in the media any call to account will only occur if it’s a conservative in trouble.

Always remember the template: Whatever bad that happens, it’s Bush’s fault. Bury any good information that may bolster the current administrations positions. Those are the rules.


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