Traitors among us.

Posted: January 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

Is it any wonder the US is crumbling? I mean lookit…you have the ACLU chipping away for 40 year I guess at the basic decency of people with lawsuits that pander to fringe elements, judges more than happy to legislate from the bench, a political party that has no spine, and elected officials that go overseas and meddle in diplomatic affairs with ideas and beliefs that run contrary to this administrations policies. Jimmah Cartuh is still the worse clown for this and should have been arrested and charged under the provisions of the Logan Act years ago. But if memory serves we had a Democrat in the WH and he was probably busy with other things to worry about old Jimmah. But anyway…
Now we have John Kerry. Forever trying to insert himself in to the public eye a la Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Ya know..gotta get that face time. He goes overseas, sucks up to Khatami, and blasts the US.
I won’t go in to it but you can get it here: Kerry Rips US at Davos

I mean WTF? Have we already allowed too many ten penny elected officials in this country to travel with impunity so they can spout off their anti-US sentiments to do something? In order to travel, I’m sure at tax payers expense, don’t these asshats have to get some type of clearance? I know they aren’t going AirTran on coach so what? Can’t their permission to travel be revoked or denied? If they want to say these things do it on the floor of the Senate or House where it can be debated or at least out in the open. But no overseas amongst those that espouse killing us.

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