And no time to post yesterday…today not looking good either

Posted: January 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

Why can’t I get anything done? Probably because I’m trolling the net. And should have gone to Leu Gardens this am but now my throat is sore and it’s been cold. Some 2007 so far. Dunno if I’m catching a cold now or not. Must keep drinking hot echinacea tea. Anyhoo…received an interesting email from a friend that works in a Georgia school system. Seems Black Histeria Month festivities are well under way and the letter writer needs singers. No big woop you say…well it wouldn’t be if unless the song in question is referred to as the ‘African American Anthem’. WHAT.IS.THAT? You can read it here

Now I don’t know about you, but this kinda makes me mad. I’ve already sent emails to a local radio show and the local bird cage liner but I’m sure it’ll get buried. I think my email to the editor says it all…and I wasn’t vicious.
Big surprise to those of you that know me.
Some local schools as part of their Black History Month celebrations are including something called the African American anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. A hymn–possibly. And one that speaks to the struggles many people have faced throughout the centuries. Struggles for freedom, prayers to God for protection and deliverance from the dark hours their lives. Encouragement to keep going against horrendous odds. But an anthem–no. Has anyone here read the words to this song? At the very end it professes loyalty to ‘our native land’. What is that about? Are the people singing that song today loyal to a county or place other than the US and are expressing that belief via “Lift Every Voice and Sing”? It’s clear that the authors are not waxing poetic about the United States of America. And perhaps at the time this was written they did not feel American. But this is 2007.
More important is why would a superintendent, school board, and ultimately taxpayers sanction something this divisive? And what about the slippery slope this goes down? Are other ethnicities and cultures allowed to have ‘anthems’ and sing them at school assemblies? I know where my ancestors came from but I am an American. End of discussion.
If folks want to get together and have a program that covers history that often doesn’t get included in textbooks, tell stories, sing songs, etc. that’s fine. But to blatantly include a song that promotes loyalty to a country or continent that almost no one here is a former resident of is just plain wrong and alienating.

We’ll see what happens and you can bet your buns I’ll report it.


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