Busy busy busy

Posted: February 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’ll be so glad when all this house stuff is over. Had to make a quick dash up there and let the guys delivering the washer/dryer in. And while there noticed some water damage from the storms last night. Trivial yes in the great scheme of things but still aggravating. And I haven’t done a blessed thing in the apt. all day. No bed made. Vacuum? Nah. And it seems there’s junk everywhere. Is it my imagination or is this place even smaller than it was last week?

But back to the real world for a few minutes. Atlas Shrugs has a real good rundown on the global jihad. If you want to get a glimpse of what’s going on around the world in the global jihad……you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Oh…and while we’re at it…this comes from another of my favorite blogs Little Green Footballs. It’s about a stamp that appeared at a New York stamp show..again from those lovable muslims in Iran. When their official government sanctions stamps with swords and blood, that should tell people something.

Headcheese Jacque Chirac has given the good old US the finger again. What is it about frogs? Do they think the only superpower left in the world is going to bail their sorry butts out of trouble again? We probably will but I cannot think how any head of a country would think it’s a good thing for Iran to have nukes. How naive. Of course, the fwench would say they’re just more nuanced that Americans.

And this should strike fear in the hearts of every man. The NFL has rules about watching the Stupor Bowl. Get ’em here courtesy of Hot Air. Geez…wonder why they came up with this? Oh well…come Sunday I’ll be at a friends house watching on his 71 inch screen so neener neener neener to the NFL.

And last but not least, let’s have some fun. The guys at JibJab are pretty creative and always good for a laugh.

**my thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the storms overnight. When a few of us hurt, we all hurt because we stand together.


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