It’s almost over

Posted: February 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Got the painting done on the two smaller bedrooms and will meet some guys tomorrow to clean the carpet but we’ll be moving the big stuff this weekend. Thank goodness too. What’s worse though is going to be moving stuff out of the postage stamp. I mean, it’s all our daily things so they’ll have to be moved in one day and that could really be a pain. It’s all part of the experience though right?

On to more important things though. The storm continues regarding that jerkweek at the WaPo and his screed calling our soldiers mercenaries. I heard a clip over at Johnny Dollar John Gibson talking to this asshat on the phone. He was spinning the story so much I think he actually went through Lady Lake last week. It’s rare to hear this level of double talk, aka nuanced speech, backpedaling, and an nice boost to democrat candidates to boot. (listen for when he says ‘Bush talked some democrats in to going to war’. Yeah…Bush is that persuasive. And it would be true except for the fact we have all the leading dhimmis advocating war long before 2003. And thanks to the internet you can find this out. Typical of libs…he has a very short memory.

And lest you think dhimmis are anything other than the terrorist appeasers they are, I give you this. I mean…an imam prays at a DNC winter meeting and it’s a prayer for conversion or something? Dhimmis HATE Christianity, they HATE Jews (unless they serve their purpose), Buddhism, Hindis–they don’t even get recognition as a religion unless you count Richard Gere. When was the last time you heard a dhimmi get upset when islamists attack any other person of a different faith? Never. Yet they can have this imam give a prayer at their meeting. Their conversion to dhimmitude is almost complete.

Stupor Bowl? OK…the Colts won and I have to say Dungy was class itself with his handling of the whole ‘black coach’ thing. What did he do? He thanked God. One day I hope we can live in a country where people don’t see themselves at a race, culture, ethnicity. It’s ok if people want to have traditions within their groups or families. That’s reasonable. But when things like Black History month with it’s attendant school assemblies, public service TV spots, media shows ad nauseum are all you see or hear, it’s a bit much. And that’s NOT being racist. Most people that throw that word out have not idea what it actually means. It’s a belief that one race is superior to another. We are Americans from many different backgrounds. And we should be viewed as individuals not as members of groups. That depersonalizes the individual because it’s this identity that is all they are. It’s your character that defines who YOU are. And it’s just that which should be judged. Not whether your white, black, Asian, handicapped, a yankee, young, old, or whatever. Those things are just a small part of who you are. OH…and as much as I’m not a big Prince fan…he did do a good halftime show. The pregame was horrible. What the hell was that about? It was a very gay hodgepodge of crap. Colorful crap but crap nonetheless. I wish the tv crews had panned the crowds. It would have been fun to see the looks of horror on the faces of people that had probably spent thousands to be there. The Germans have a word for it…schadenfreude. Whoever came up with this should be fired and banned from ever inflicting that kind of pain on innocent people ever again. But he’s probably some bigtime artsy fartsy guy and I’m just not nuanced enough to appreciate the ‘show’. Yeah…me and thousands of others.

OH…speaking of race things….seems there was a trial lately where a bunch of black youths attacked three white females and beat them brutally. Some if not all will need plastic surgery to repair their scars lasting years. One black bystander that was a witness and tried to intervene (I think) has been intimidated by the black community and did not testify or refused to. The perps were charged with hate crime legislation which to be honest I think is bogus but back to the important thing. They perps got off easy. Very easy. The victims and their families are outraged. And rightly so. The MSM has been completely silent on this. Can you imagine the outrage if this situation had been reversed? One liberal media type questioned whether blacks could be racist (again a misuse of the word but I have to stay in context here). WHAT? Anyone can have prejudices, hatred in their heart. Anyone. And just like the often quoted ‘statistics’ that muslims are victimized more than anyone else (not true according to the DOJ) guess who is more likely to be a victim of a hate crime? Get your answer here. Go ahead. You’ll be surprised.

There’s so much going on right now that I don’t have time for more but I’ll leave you with this. The transition has already started. The transition has startedEnjoy.


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