Yet more proof the Clinton regime was incompetent

Posted: February 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

Like you needed any but this incident highlights just how lax this administration was in dealing with security issues. Now I know what you’re thinking, this is just one thing but nooooooooo, there were loads of security issues, breaches, failures to act on information resulting in the deaths of Americans abroad and ultimately at home.

Jan. 18, 2001: WND uncovered a security breach in Clinton’s West Wing that exposed secret data to potential Internet hackers and foreign spies in 1998.

A national security adviser copied classified files onto a disk from an NSC computer in a secure area of the West Wing, then uploaded them onto a computer connected to an unsecured network in her Old Executive Office Building office.

A national security adviser copied classified files onto a disk from an NSC computer in a secure area of the West Wing, then uploaded them onto a computer connected to an unsecured network in her Old Executive Office Building office.

While the woman’s computer was confiscated and her building security pass was taken, the Clinton appointee, was allowed to return to her job after going out on extended leave.

“She was supposed to be fired and wasn’t,” said a White House employee close to the investigation. “She went on maternity leave. Now she’s back working at NSC.”

National security experts said the White House security violation fit a pattern of sloppy handling of U.S. secrets throughout the government during the past eight years.

“But this latest breach lays the problem right at the West Wing and at Berger’s door,” said William C. Triplett, a former Reagan White House official, who noted that Berger was a lobbyist for China before joining the NSC.

Berger’s door. In 2001, we didn’t know how right he was.

And the fun didn’t end after Clintoon left office. Additional information from archive employees leads us to understand that Sandy ‘sticky fingers’ Berger did much more on more than one occasion that take a few sheets of paper. Seems they copied a few documents and he took those too. What was on those documents? And why isn’t this a bigger scandal? Oh wait…forget I asked that.

Really sad story coming out of Florida broke yesterday evening. An astronaut drove from Texas to Florida in adult diapers to confront another femail astronaut. They had some relationship with a male astronaut. The woman under arrest had some pretty incriminating things in her car and the charges are serious. This is awful on many levels. Talk about throwing your life away. Geez. Of course, the hubby has to toss the ‘that’s what happens when you let females….’ but I think he’s just yanking my chain. You KNOW unsavory things went on in the program long before this but the police and media protected the early astronauts from scandal.

Yeah!!! finally some reason and dialogue is surfacing. This whole global warming nonsense is just another attempt by people to punish western countries for being successful. And there are more scientists coming out giving good old fashioned slap downs to the junk science that’s being used to persuade people. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hopefully more people that actually study climate change phenomena will come forward and the media won’t be able to ignore them. Hey…it’s been in the 40’s here…I wish we had some global warming right now.

And this just in….I think it’s in Texas that the governor has called for all girls to receive the vaccination against HPV. I’m only mentioning this because there was some ridiculous story where parents were whining that this is taking away their parental rights. What about all the other vaccines that kids HAVE to HAVE? Given that there is some information that these may not prevent what they were intended to prevent, there may be problems associated with them (autism?), and the expense one has to wonder why people are picking on this particular vaccine. Is it because there’s the sexual angle? Criminy folks, if we had handled AIDS like a medical problem and not a social one, perhaps things wouldn’t have gotten out of hand and people wouldn’t be continuing to die or having to take massive amounts of pills daily to survive. Just goes to show you that when emotion overrides logic, mayhem ensues. However, just to throw a fly in the ointment…there is some allegations that the manufacturer of this vaccine stands to get some type of financial benefit with this so perhaps the whole story hasn’t come out. And the hubby put it all so succinctly by wondering why people worry so much about what governments put in their kids veins instead of what government schools put in their kids heads daily. Leave it to him to really nail the issue.

And back to the international front, here’s a big surprise. In a nutshell, more backsliding by paleosimians and their supporters in Saudi Arabia.

And the head cheese in Fwance supported Saddam’s acquisition of nuclear weapons and of course he doesn’t have a problem with Iran getting one either. There are no words….


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