The howls will be great

Posted: February 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Much is going to be said in the coming days and beyond with comparisons between tornado victims here in Florida and Katrina in the gulf. It’s more of a contrast situation. I saw a email to Boortz that was sarcastic and this troll seemed to think there was a problem with Neal referring to those in NO affected in a less than flattering light. Neal is right. There is a big difference in those affected by the tornados and those affected by Katrina. With a hurricane you have warnings. Those idiots in NO had 24 to 48 hours to secure their belongings and make arrangements to get out. Many have relied on the government for so long they had no means to get out. Enter the incompetent NO Mayor “Chocolate City” Nagin. He had buses at his disposal but did nothing. And after the fact? You had an equally inept governor Blanco that did not ask for federal assistance, some report indicate she stonewalled the decision because she didn’t want to ask Bush, in a timely manner. The Feds CANNOT come into a state without the governor’s request. Yet who gets the lion’s share of blame for the debacle? Not the citizens, not the mayor, and not the governor. It’s Bush. Even to this day, various news organizations are still hammering on this. NBC ran a story the other night ‘…18 months after Katrina….’ . Spare me.
Contrast that debacle with what’s happened in Florida. It’s a much smaller area affected. On Thursday there were news reports to expect bad weather. But nothing specific. Completely unlike a hurricane. The governor immediately asked for assistance and neighbors sprung in to action. Local emergency personnel had to initially turn away help due to the unsecure area. Charitable groups moved in to the area, set up aid stations, and FEMA showed up three days later. The differences are striking. It’s the can do attitude, people helping people at the most basic level that made the biggest difference in getting things going. Not government. In NO, you had people that could not function on their own. People that have had generations of government dependence just waiting and expecting the government and really that means US taxpayers to bail them out. Who gets my sympathy? I think you can figure that one out yourself. I’m sick of hearing about Katrina, the fraud, the Bush-bashing, and Nagin. Those idiots reelected this waste of oxygen. They get what they deserve. Which is the nations highest crime rate right now in case you didn’t know…..

On to other things. Not going to do any volunteer work today again. I’m going to stay in and work on some schoolwork, landscaping projects, etc. It’s my birthday so Happy Birthday to me. I’m just glad to have made it another year. And it’s been a year. I go from working a job I didn’t like and certainly didn’t feel competent doing (you know, some jobs just ‘fit’ and this one never did–if I had wanted to work in an accounting field, I’d have majored in it), selling the house, moving hundreds of miles away, living in a postage stamp, finding a new house and now moving this weekend. Stress yeah but the end result is very good. I’m happy and for once really feel like the future is mine. The DH is supportive of me going back to school and doing something I’ll do well in. That makes a big difference. I do not miss the previous work environment. And information coming out of there makes my decision even more positive. Folks, it’s scary changing jobs and taking chances but sometimes it’s what has to be done. I just wish it didn’t take me so long to discover things other people find out much earlier on. I do miss a lot of the people but you can’t have everything eh?

Here’s a nice little story. Two 5,000 year old skeletons found in an embrace. Women and their children have been found but they believe this is the first time two mature adults have been found and it’s a sweet picture.

OH…let’s talk global warming. This is classic. Believers (Goreons) say it’s non-believers that are trying to shut them up. As is typical of the libtards, their accusations more closely resemble their own actions. Those that are critical of global warming are coming under the most and here What this boils down to is if you don’t tow the official line, you could lose your job. The Church of Global Warming Alarmists are using everything in their power to cast aspersions to any non-believers credibility. If you don’t believe, some way will be found to discredit you. And what about those that spout the myth? They ARE on the payroll of Gore and others. How’s that for duplicity? The truth matters not to these people. Ask the UN why they left the known warm periods in man’s history off it’s report? I don’t get that. We KNOW there have been warming and cooling periods throughout the earth’s history. Why don’t these idiots get it? And that Kyoto thing? It turns out the US and countries that did not sign it are doing much better with emission control and cleaning up the air. But you never hear that. Because it doesn’t fit the template. Just really sad there are so many that have no idea what the truth is anymore but are just willing to follow whatever is out there without looking too hard for opposing opinions.

Lots gets said about economic freedom. The US is not #1 in this category. Thanks to restrictive government controls and socialist ideals about the economy coupled with general ignorance about what works of course. This is a good read by one of my favorite authors about world poverty and such.


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