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Posted: February 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

I belong to seveal Yahoo groups and they quite enlightening. We constantly hear about how evil corporations are, WalMart seems to be the MSMs fav whipping post of late. Unions have had no success, now there’s a class action lawsuit from a bunch claiming they weren’t paid fairly which has been all over the news. I don’t know the merits of their claims and I’m only mentioning it because it’s been in the news. Here’s something you won’t hear about. One of the members of a group was affected by the tornados in Florida. This is a 70 year old woman that worked part time. Lost everything. WalMart cut her a check for $1000. A part time employee. And an evil corporation gives her money. Just gives it. That will help with some immediate needs I’m sure. Pretty darn evil.

And on another list, there’s been another thread about the cost of yarn overseas. One poster spoke, and she did add the ‘OT’ label to the subject line, about her personal experience with being in the textile industry and put out of work due to outsourcing and cheap immigrant labor. I responded to her directly but wouldn’t ya know it…another posted responded on the list…I give you her email:
Rather to my relief I have now had a complain about Lynne’s post.
Like the person who wrote to me I find this post makes uncomfortable
Nothing I can say will change people like Lynne’s view of the world so I’m
not going to try but I do ask that such posts are not made here.
I am a university lecturer and I spend a lot of time with people,
particularly young people, from all over the world. I am finding it harder
and harder to look these people in the eye because I am so ashamed of what
my country is doing. Day after day people die in Iraq because we invaded it.
Day after day babies and children around the world die because we have
caused climate change, because we arrange the world economy to ensure they
stay poor and we stay rich, because we lack the will to ensure they have
food to eat, water to drink and medicine they need.
Where you see an immigrant I see a human being.
Now I’m sure that I’ve upset people with my expression of how I see the
world. I have done it to make it clear to everyone that there are people
with very different views on this list. I would very much appreciate
people bearing in mind that this is not the place for this kind of

It’s amazing and quite telling folks. I’m conservative and responded off list. This liberal wanker responds on the list with her liberal claptrap. Well lest you think I’d let that one lay, not to worry. I responded directly to her…again off list but copied the first poster just so she’d know. And here we go:
While I agree that Lynne’s post may have made some uncomfortable, I find your post far more disturbing. The fact that you’re a university lecturer and obviously have so many biases and ideas you felt necessary to spout to this list is far worse than anything she could have said. Lynne was speaking to her personal experience and it shows a much better grasp of reality than you do in the ‘ivory tower of education’. I’d be glad to provide you with information that can blow away each and every one of your assertions. If you are truly an academic, you will investigate and take the information into serious consideration. If you do not do more reading outside of the MSM, then you better get ready to enjoy living under sharia law because that’s where Europe is headed in the name of multiculturalism and diversity. Those two things are not the great panacea for the world no matter how good they look on paper.

Let’s see what happens shall we? I’m ready and the claws are out and fangs bared.

Moving on….not a whole bunch going on in the ‘sphere this am. Even Drudge is kinda boring. I did see where Versace has said Hitlery needs to lose the pants. Oh yes…let’s see those cankles…puhleeze. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

About this global warming thing….new stats…Michigan has had the coldest February in 100 years. I’m betting they want a little global warming right about now.

What is causing the global warming anyway? Glad you asked.


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