Nothing from Dora

Posted: February 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, not like I really expected it anyway and it’s time to put this to bed. I did my bit and gave my side of the argument within hours of the original post. Hey…I’m moving so give me a break. As of right now, I have heard NOTHING from Dora. OH…she did make some kind of allusion in a post to the group that she did find information but never sent anything to me off list. She is a classic libtard. And as is typical of libtards, especially those in academia, when confronted with information that completely refutes their assertions (really the same old tired talking points we’ve been hearing for about six years now) they ‘choose’ to ignore and will not debate. They can’t. They cannot support their positions with anything concrete. Anyway, I may send her one more email off list and then unsubscribe. Now that I know what kind of person she is–which is to say an enabler of the enemy–I have no desire to belong to this group. She is the list owner so she can get her rocks off on that power anyway. Typical idiotard. If she is indicative of what’s going on in the UK, they and all of Europe are lost. And they deserve exactly what they get. I feel sorry for the people that are not of her ilk that will go down the shitter known as islam. It was such a nice part of the world at one time too. Oh well…..

We are moving. Big stuff tomorrow. Today we made a couple of trips with things out of the apartment. It’s still the pits but I kinda see some daylight. The boys will be doing the heavy lifting so I’ll stay out of the way and get some other things done. I forgot to call the center again today and let them know I won’t be in tomorrow. Dangit. Just too much going on. Every time I thought about calling I was either somewhere I couldn’t call, something came up and then I forgot again. With this moving thing and having my identity stolen (yeah…some troll somewhere got my SS# and opened a store account in my name) so I’ve had that on my plate too. I must get to a police department and file a report ASAP because the fraud guys from the company called today and they may have a suspect. Good for them and I hope the prosecute the bastard to the full extent of the law. It’s bad for me because of the hassle but they people cause all of us to pay in the long run. Maybe it’s someone that’s done this before (as with most crimes the time they get caught isn’t the first time they’ve done it) or I’m not the only one in this instance and that’s why they have a bead on him.

It’s been a slow news day too best I can figure. Anna Nicole died. Ok…she was loopy and tragic and the media is going to have a field day. They shouldn’t. Leave her alone now. She craved attention and usually got it–good and bad. But enough’s enough.

The astronaut story. Big yawn. These people are the brightest of the bright. We look up to them. But they are human. They can be pushed to the limits of endurance with technical stuff but personal issues? We all know how easy it is go just lose it. Let’s face it, there’s a very thin line and somehow most of us find a way to pull back. She didn’t. And that’s just too bad. I’m hoping the media leaves her alone but that’s a hollow hope. It ain’t gonna happen. It’s probably not the first time something like this has happened in the 40 or so years of the space program but in the past the media and law enforcement probably hushed this stuff up like they did in the old studio system. Let’s move on folks, watching someones mental breakdown is just too painful to watch. Of course if it were Rosie O’Donnell, well I might stick around.

I did see where Ellen Goodman of the WaPo is equating those who deny global warming are the same as those who deny the Holocaust. Nice commentary by James Taranto. If that didn’t make your head spin…well nothing will. What are these people eating or drinking? This is just like Dora the UK explorer mentioned above. She thinks global warming is a slam dunk thing caused by man. Big yawn. another idiotard. I am going to be checking this book out. It sounds interesting. I’m betting Dora won’t. Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years

Well. gotta get ready for the big day and what really sux is I won’t have internet access OR TV until Monday. I hope I’m too tired to care.


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