Posted: February 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

Been out of commission. We’ve been moving and haven’t had internet access. Criminy I didn’t know what had this much junk. And most of it is junk of sorts but many of these boxes have childhood mementos so it’s going to be hard tossing things. But toss I must because this house does not have much attic space and we don’t need to have things in storage. That’s just an extra expense. OH…and as a side note of warning. If you have things in storage and your unit borders soil, check for termites. We have many boxes, and a few pictures that have termite damage. That stuff is still at the storage place because we don’t want to bring it here but between now and the end of the month we have to go through and see what’s salvageable.

And this’ll be my last mention about Dora the wacko from academia across the pond. No email rebuttals. This is so typical of liberals. They spout, whine, beat their chests, and general wail and gnash teeth but it’s all about feelings for them. When confronted with information that refutes their positions, they do one of two things. Talk louder than you or in this case, just ignore you. There will be a day of reckoning for those that think we can all live together singing kumbayah. It ain’t gonna happen. One thing you can be sure of, people I know will no go down without swinging if it comes to that. As further proof that the UK is screwed, I give you this from the catwalks.

Just too bloody tired to blog much right now. Too many boxes and not enough hours in the day or energy….


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