Here’s a big surprise…

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

That fatal shooting at a Utah mall the other day? Perp was muslim. Yep…another gift from the religion of peace. Will the MSM bury this one and just call him a Bosnian immigrant? you betcha. This will get no media traction. Because it doesn’t fit the template. I’m sick to death of islam, muslims, and all their crap. Worldwide whereever there are problems, you’ll find these subhuman lifeforms at the root. Meanwhile we have politicians the world over, university lecturers, government school employees, and various bigmouth celebrities constantly telling us WE are the problem. Our society, which has tried to be accepting of all creeds, religions, ethnicities, etch all in the name of the Church of Multiculturalism and Diversity. Have there been mistakes. Oh yeah. And many good people died to rectify those wrongs. Very few countries have the track record of the US, Australia, and the UK for human rights, economic freedom, and religious freedom. But we are to blame for the world’s ills according to liberals. It’s OUR fault if people suffer. Just ask Hanoi Jane, Mother Sheehan, Eve Ensler, and Sean Penn. And to that lowlife that killed five innocent in Utah. Our military DEFENDING the muslims from the Serbs and Croats. We should have let you all be slaughtered for the thanks we got and get now. You people are the worst kind of scum. Your religion and culture have brought nothing of value to human existance in a thousand years. We are most definitely in WWIV. Wish to God people would wake up.

And speaking of the world of academia…some idiot professor has written a book whereby she claims archaeology showing the history of Jews and Israel is bogus. OH…it’s her doctoral thesis and she was awarded a doctorate based on this crap. I don’t think I need to take that any further. You can read the reviews on Amazon for yourself. Will the paleosimians and their myrmidons stop at nothing to deny Israel’s existence.

Climate change conferences cancelled due to snow/cold weather. Rich. And a screening of “An Inconvenient Truth” is cancelled in St. Louis because of storms. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA What’s giving me hope are the growing number of people that are being heard that do not believe man is at fault totally here. The Czech president had some nice words to say about Al Gore. But the media by and large is still treating these people as heretics but maybe it’ll make some of the sheeple think.

More unpacking joys today. I have my doubts this house will ever be straight before Christmas now.


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