More from the Religion of Peace

Posted: February 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

This is especially for those apologists like my ‘university lecturer’ who does not think there is a problem with bending over backwards for every immigrant that flies, sails or sneaks in. Especially when it comes to islam, muslims, and dhimmitude. All over the newswires today are stories from around the world of how far these vermin fanaticists will go to subdue the west. And the sad thing is university lecturers, politicians, and other barking moonbats of the world are doing their damndest to see that it happens. First off we have a cabdriver here in the states run over a customer (tried to run over both) after an argument over religion. His name Ibrihim Ahmed. Go figure. Oh…stolen plate, suspended license among other charges. Bond set at $300,000.

In the Netherlands where people that speak out against islam are in hiding (those that yell free speech and protect islamotards should take note of this fact) Saudis are demanding apologies…again. I’d throw in a big yawn if this wasn’t so tragic.

And in Thailand. Bombs. I need say no more.

UPDATE: It would appear this program, which was hyped as a Truther documentary, actually refuted much of what the Truther movement holds dear. I tip my hat to the Brits on this one. LGF has the scoop
And the Beeb is throwing the Truthers to the British populace. I’m reckoning my university lecturer will be all over that. Probably have a party and invite her like-minded nuanced and sympathetic cohorts over for tea, crumpets and a good general Bushchimphitler fest. Pathetic. I’m reminded of what one of my college professors told the class one time. Those that can, do; those that can’t, teach; and those that can’t teach, become college professors. I think it fits sometimes.

And it appears our friends Al Qaeda are taking heart from the fall elections and recent actions by dhimmicrats and are regrouping. What did anyone expect? This is just as predicted by those in the know–Daniel Pipes, Mark Steyn, Jihad Watch.

Hey…some good news to close out this entry. Kudos to this kid and God bless him.


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