Another rape in Durham–but with a much different outcome

Posted: February 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

About a month ago a woman filed a report that she had been raped at an off campus party. The woman is a student. In today’s news an arrest has been made. Rewind to a year ago. Another off campus party. Another woman claims she was raped. Immediately the media latched on to the ‘victim’. Black. And the perps. White. White Duke students. Ergo…evil rich white boys rape a poor black female working as a stripper to make ends meet. It was a story made in tabloid heaven. Despite the early problems with her story, alibis, lack of evidence the media whores and race whores descended on Durham whipping up sympathy for the alleged victim and pilloring the Duke lacrosse team members until three guys were fingered. Throw in a good measure of liberal white guilt and viola!! A seething pot of race problems. I’m willing to bet this time the victim is white and the pic of the guy under arrest is black. Where are the race whores? If one rape is bad, then why aren’t all bad? Why isn’t the media jumping up and down bemoaning the obvious epidemic of rapes in Durham? Why aren’t people marching in the streets? And why is Duke withholding judgement THIS TIME?


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