Jenkies…long time no posts

Posted: March 4, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, I’ve been busy. Now that that’s out of the way, I have to discuss a few of my favorite topics…one of which is the hypocrisy of the left. How many times have you heard the whine ‘Bush is anti-environment’? And all the while Al Bore is held up as the ultimate environment saviour? Well here’s a little news nugget that won’t get much traction in the drive by media guaranteed: Bush has been green for years and here while Gore does not practice what he preaches and here.
I love it when poster children of the left are exposed.

This just in on Drudge today. There is a documentary coming out that dispute the whole global warming hysteria. You can bet your buns this won’t be up for any Academy Awards. Being that this is in the UK I wonder if Ms. University Lecturer will watch?

Also in the news today information that the incompetent in anything but scamming leadership of New Orleans (not mentioning any names but I’ll give you the initials Mayor Ray Nagin) have WAAYYYY overestimated the costs of fixing up parts of the city that were destroyed when the levies failed. Big frickin’ surprise. In a state and city long associated with good reason to unbelievable amounts of theft and graft, this is nothing unusual. And didn’t the Army Corps of Engineers and the federal government give millions of dollars to the city of NO over the years to fix those damn levies in the first place? Just whose fault is it ? Oh…I forgot…Bush. If I can find the link I’ll update later. And while I’m contemplating NO…. on a much smaller level but it shows the difference between those that won’t and those that will. Many in Florida were devastated by the tornadoes in early February but are getting on with their lives. Many that lost everything were not rich–they lived in trailers. But whenever they’ve been interviewed these folks are glad to be alive and vow to rebuild/recover. Neighbors have pitched in and they are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Contrast with those oxygen thieves in New Orleans. No shouts for FEMA…government…cries for Bush’s head. Fraud info here.

And oh…lest I forget…what’s going on with this ACLU creep and kiddie porn? The MSM is all atwitter over Coulter calling the Breck Girl a faggot which I might remind them is just a word yet this guy gets caught with not just kiddie porn but porn showing infants and toddlers being raped and it’s not even buried in the classified section with all the used car and handyman ads. Of course we know the ACLU has long considered kiddie porn to be free speech. Bastards. More here.


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