Another islamotard hides behind insanity

Posted: March 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Oh great. Do these people know how to play the system or what? Remember that member of the religion of perpetual anger that mowed through a group of people in Chapel Hill, NC? Seems his playing his nut/go to the looney bin card early. Judge ordered him to Dix Hill for an evaluation. When are we going to stop playing with these evil bastards?

Oh…and lest I forget. The MUSLIM punk that opened fire at a Utah mall was buried this week in his homeland with and HONORABLE funeral???!!. That tells me everything I need to know. These members of the religion of piss are so brave. Seems the only thing they do well is kill unarmed people. Thank goodness there was an off-duty cop that day that saved us all a lengthy trial and the forum for this waste of oxygen to spout his religious crap. If there’s a force in this world that is truly evil, it’s islam. And a quick scroll down this page reports more atrocities committed by these animals.

Glad to see Boortz’ site linking the UK/BBC4 documentary on the Global Warming fraud. That means more people will see and read it. I checked on the comments section this am and I’m heartened by what I saw posted. I think there are folks that ‘get it’. Seems the only ones that don’t are socialists and other assorted libtards. And it appears momentum is growing against GW in other quarters.

More violence in Iraq directed at Iraqis.
What is it with these people? It doesn’t compute to the western mind the complete lack of respect for the sanctity of human life. I guess that’s what makes the MSM and dhimmicrats bedfellows with these scum seeing how they don’t have a great deal of respect for innocent human life. Murderers, cop killers, members of the religion of perpetual outrage, pedophiles? Oh they have rights. Innocent homeowners, babies? Fuggedaboutit.

The Barbie Bandits? Give me a break. Some late teen twits decide to hold up a bank with the help of a buddy on the inside and wouldn’t ya know it…the mom says she just fell in with the wrong crowd? HAHAHAHAHAHA Actions have consequences and I hope they throw the book at these bimbos.


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