Homeschooling and schtuff

Posted: March 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Every time I mention that if I had had kids, they would be homeschooled, I get that look. You know the one…the one where the all-knowing parent with kids in public school looks down their nose and begins to bemoan the lack of socialization so evident in homeschooled kids. How many school-aged murderers in the last 10 or so years were homeschooled? I can speak from personal experience as a former public school teacher AND having known a few homeschooled kids in my lifetime that nothing could be further from the truth. This is another one of those myths that refuses to die because the government indoctrination centers aka public schools and their union overloads like to perpetuate. Since I first became aware that it was possible to homeschool your own children some years ago in college level teacher ed courses, I’ve investigated this. And since folks started to homeschool children in the late 70’s/early 80’s there have been studies done, one Duke University did which was a longitudinal study comparing groups of students one thing is evident. Homeschooled kids are better behaved, more prone to self-starting, and have closer relationships with their parents. And this appeared in Stuart Buck’s blog and was commented on here. On a recent personal note, I had the opportunity to assist with a presentation to some homeschooled kids with ages that ranged from kindergarten to seventh grade. That was the best group yet. They were attentive, eager, and most importantly, even the young ones knew answers to questions!!! I’ve assisted in public school groups of 50+ middle school kids and a major behavior I noticed among the girls were that some looked much older than their age–heavy makeup, inappropriate clothes (think Britney Spears) and the boys were a bit disruptive. The homeschooled kids did not have those appearances or behaviors. Nope…I’ll take homeschoolers over public school kids any day.

Well, the Religion of Perpetual Outrage is really pissed now. Seems some mall operators in the south pacific don’t want muslims working in their malls because of the potential for violence. HAHAHAHAHAHA It’s islamophobia…hate speech….racist…my ass. And in other news, a Christian preacher in the Phillippines who said adherents to the Religion of Piss might be violent has been threatened with beheading.

OH…and speaking of quagmires (was I?) Why are we still sending troops to Kosovo? Why didn’t Clinton get us out of that cluster?


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