What a joke

Posted: March 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

Former presidents have been ranked. By professional historians. With doctorate degrees. So you know what this means. Democrats are ranked highly, Republicans are low. I didn’t need to read the article to figure that out once I saw the ‘professional’ historians voted. And sure enough, the convicted perjurer and rapist Clinton received the highest average score and Carter was ranked higher than Bush 41. What’s important about this information? Nothing really. When poll after poll of college professors shows somewhere between 80 and 90 % have Democrat party affiliation, this is a non-story. There is no validity to this ranking. Yet the media will pounce on it and it will be quoted ad nauseum to prove Reagan and Bush 41 were just awful because we’re talking people with doctorates and that automatically gives them authority on the subject right? This would be like asking Chicago Bears fans to rank the top coaches in the NFL and not expecting to see Ditka outrank everyone else.

Stories floating around in the news lately say 14 states are running out of money for uninsured people. Why? I think the major reason is because of the invasion from south of the border. These people will never pump enough money in to the economy to pay for their health care or any of the social services taxpayers provide so do the math. Yet this week Ted Kennedy has a bill that will GIVE these lawbreakers even more money and services–to the tune of $843 billion that these 14 million lawbreakers will use in government services. And legal residents of the US will foot the bill. Thanks Teddy. Read the report.

I have to say, I hope NC State wins the ACC title. I really don’t normally give a rat’s ass for basketball except for certain times and this is one of those. I’ve always loved NC State. Great school with sometimes spectacular sports stories. Get this…this team was the lowest seed. They beat Duke right off and have kept going. They will play UNC today at 1p for the title. But that’s not the main thing. Their coach this year is none other than Sidney Lowe, the guard that helped Valvano’s team win it all in 1983. They were known as the Cardiac Pack back then. Because they were seeded so far down no one gave them a shot and they had a habit of pulling the rabbit out of the hat at the last minute. I wish them luck and although I probably won’t watch it because I think I bring bad luck to teams when I watch them, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Picked up a wonderful book at B & N today. It’s one of those PIG Guides to Global Warming. I’m to page 11 and I’m stunned. What I like about all these books I’ve bought is the even-handed approach and documentation that can be checked. Quite unlike the environment watermelons that love to throw phrases around to get people all worked up in a lather that prevents them from asking questions or just plain thinking. I like books that admit this then proceed to calmly build their case. But what is most striking in these opening pages is how the enviroweenies and euroweenies are so in bed with communists over this. The church of global warming is just a way to hamstring industrialized countries and prevent unindustrialized countries from developing. If they love noble savages so much why do these people live in multimillion dollar homes, use 20 times the energy as the average homeowner, and jet around on private jets? Think about Al Gore. He is the high priest of this movement right now. Yet he does all of the above. And he reasons it out by saying he’s buying carbon offsets. Carbon offsets is some kind of scheme akin to church indulgences that somehow makes up for all the energy he’s wasting. But where do we buy them from? We can buy them from a company that Al Gore owns–like he does. That should tell anyone even with a government school education how ridiculous all this hysteria is. But it won’t and Gore will get a pass in the media.


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