More Global Warming news

Posted: March 12, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hard on the heels of this fantastic book I’m reading comes this story which illustrates in a way a book can’t just how vicious these GW idiots are. One scientist who is often quoted as a skeptic of GW and man’s influence is reporting that he has received numerous death threats. And just as the book has said, many groups, politicians, and (evil) corporations have investing millions if not billions of dollars on this hoax. People that express skepticism threaten jobs or other sources of income (government handouts for ‘research’) and these people don’t like it. This alone should tell those sitting on the fence something. In any science field, there are not absolutes, no consensus, there is always debate and those that attempt to squelch debate prove there is something wrong with their position. Think about it.

And another sacred cow of the left–diversity. While I don’t agree with Tancredo (I think he’s pretty spinelss at times) I do agree with him here. And in the category “I say it here it comes out there” I give you this If the nation takes away what illegal immigrants come to the country for, a job and money, they’ll return homeThis quote sums it up in a nutshell “Appreciating diversity is a great thing,”he said, “but you can’t have diversity be the most important part of society.” .

Gonna be a busy day, finally going to get my tags for this state. Oy vey,


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