Global warming smackdown

Posted: March 16, 2007 in Uncategorized

Won’t see this reported anywhere. Heck I almost didn’t. There was, apparently, a debate of some sort between GW believers and skeptics in NY. A poll was taken prior and the audience believe in GW caused by man over the skeptics by a pretty good margin. Afterward is another story. As is typical, when confronted by little things called facts, believers cannot stand.

So the blonde bombshell Plame testifies on the Hill today. So what? This is just another way for the Dhimmicrats to get more mileage out of the Libby trial. She used this opportunity to rail at the Bush administration whining about how her cover was blown to discredit her husband. Will someone please explain that for me? What cover? She wasn’t undercover and hadn’t been for over five years. And her idiot husband discredits himself with his BS trip to Africa in which he claimed Saddam’s agents were not trying to buy yellow cake uranium. If memory serves later evidence show there were overtures to Nigeria for uranium. But let’s not let the facts get in the way. Joe Wilson is a Clintonista buffoon of the first order and Plame is a Clinton sycophant with an axe to grind. Big snooze.

And the flack over the attorney firings go on. Dumbass Dean says this could be Bush’s Watergate. Dhimmis love to invoke the Watergate name. They are so desparate for something. I say let him keep at it. He just adds another chip to the opinion the Dhimmicrats are out of touch, vicious, no IQ morons with plenty of accusations but no real ideas or plans of their own. Unfortunately, there are many that operate with that mentality and never think beyond the emotion. On the federal level, there should be restrictions on who can vote. And what the bloody hell is Dean doing canoodling with foreign leaders anyway? Methinks he’s overplaying his hand with his claims the Dhimmis will be back in the WH in ’08. Most folks don’t like that kind of arrogance and will react negatively. Especially when the Dhimmi field right now has nothing and what they do have is ripping each other. Grab the popcorn, it’s going to be fun to watch.

Well looky here…the premier of China says we can all breath easy. Gosh I feel better. Jimmy was right!


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