Been awhile…been busy

Posted: March 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well…I WAS without the puter for several days last week and let’s just be honest…haven’t had much time for blogging. But as predictable as a libtard yelling ‘no blood for oil’ I’m back. Haven’t been paying too much attention to the news of late either which is kinda weird for me but it’s getting to be like a soap opera. You can miss a few days and it’s still the same old same old. Islamofascists killing anyone they decide hasn’t prostrated themselves to their pedophile pr0phet enough. Dhimmicraps inventing one ‘scandal’ after another and the MSM going along for the ride. The Republicans continuing doing what they do best really which is be spineless about the whole thing. And Christian nutjobs giving the rest of us a bad name by claiming the Earth is flat, demanding that creationism be taught in schools, and now Dr. James Dobson has come out with a claim that Fred Thompson is ‘not a Christian’. Where the bloody hell does he get off and what is his reasoning? Does Thompson sacrifice goats to Gozer the Gozerian in his back yard? Um no….Thompson’s crime is he doesn’t talk about it. Well bless my soul. The man doesn’t feel the need to shout his faith from the mountaintops and this makes him ‘not a Christian’. If I’m not completely wrong I do believe there is something in the Bible Jesus said about people that blather about their faith in public. Like may be it’s not as genuine as they’d like you to believe. Give me a quiet Christian whose actions speak for them any day. It’s not your place Mr. Dobson to decide who is Christian enough in this world so SHUT UP and stop ruining the Christian faith for the rest of us with your opinions.

Last week the Breck Girl came out with some devastating news about his wife’s medical condition. And while I couldn’t give fart in hell for this twit, I do not wish anything but the best for him and his family where his wife is concerned. All our days are numbered but from what it sounds this is going to eventually kill her in a real finite amount of time. Just awful news. And a perusal of my fav websites that carried the story were sympathetic to their plight. But I couldn’t help but thinking as I heard the news how this sort of thing would have been handled if it had been a conservative politician and his wife faced with similar news. The vitriolic, hateful libtards would be positively peeing in their pants with glee over this. And I was right and didn’t have to wait long for proof of how vicious these oxygen thieves are. Tony Snow got some really awful news about his cancer what whattaya know…the off the chain crazy left had to strap on extra absorbent Depends to deal with the news. Bloody wankers all of them. I do believe in karma (uh oh…Dr. Dobson will have a bead on me now) and the what goes around comes around thing so enjoy your misanthropic revelry Koz Kidz….this will come back to bite eventually.

If children are out future, we are truly in trouble. Take a look at this room temp IQ gem. Idiotard.

What the hell are the Brits thinking of? I mean…15 of their soldiers are captured and they want to talk? What’s it going to take before we turn that shithole into a parking lot? At what point do we consider anything they do an act of war? It’s only a matter of time before they do something with US troops and what will our response be? I say give them 12 hours to turn the people over or all hell will break loose over their cities. The only thing those assholes understand is force. The only thing. OH wait…the UN will handle it. Silly moi.


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