Do we have the right to be unoffended?

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
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This seems to be the new thing with the PC crowd. Don’t like something you see in print or audio? File a suit!!!! It’s OFFENSIVE!!! Don’t like the name of something? SUE!!!! And the dhimmicrats are on board with this all they way..hate speech legislation is legislation against thoughts. THOUGHTS. You can be held liable for something you THINK. LIberals of every degree love to yell about how Bushchimphitler is trying to control us with the Patriot Act but the main intent was to bring a bunch of laws under one umbrella to make it easier to enforce. Domestic spying? Only if you are communicating with a known terrorist overseas. The Feds don’t give an ant’s hind end what I’m saying to my friends. But this legislation currently being bandied about, along with the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine, is going to criminalize your thoughts. Once again our founding fathers are spinning in their graves.

This just in…George Lopez’ show has been cancelled. It’s been on five years so there were some people watching it but I guess it got old…boring. So networks do what they normally do to shows that don’t attract viewers and subsequently don’t attract advertisers–they cancel it. Big deal right? Wrong…Lopez is whining. Networks should be forced to have shows that are low performers in order to be ‘balanced’. Actually I agree with him. Because the entertainment industry is so liberal, so PC, so far up the ass of the DNC and race warlords they should have to follow the same legal requirements that have hamstrung other industries, schools, etc. In other words, they should have to keep low performing employees so the racial balance is met. Can someone tell me why not? Update Seems this isn’t the first time Lopez has made these accusations. He had some radio show somesuch and it was cancelled too. And it was all whitey’s fault. When does this crap end?

I say let ’em stay.
Fugitives from US justice hide out in Cuba and are given protection from Castro’s government. So? It’s a shit hole of a country. No real industry, infrastructure gone to hell, and it’s an island. Sounds like Alcatraz without the health care. Good place for cop killers and militand bigots.


One of the tactics liberals use whenever one of their pet causes is questioned is moral equivalence. It’s like a little kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar for the 20th time saying ‘but all kids do it’ even though adults with the ability to reason know this may or may not be true because it’s such a broad statement. Whenever some Religion of Pus adherent bombs a hotel in Pakistan and someone points out this is just another example of what a crap religion Islam is that it’s followers have so little disregard for human life, the left swings in to action with accusations about the Crusades, Eric Rudolph, etc and demonstrate their appalling ignorance of facts. They try to say that because something may or may not have occurred in history, that a non-muslim has killed it’s the same as the day in and day out murder perpetrated by the adherents of the Religion of Piss. This am…we get the Timothy McVeigh angle again. There is a story out of Denver about a radio host and his insistence that Muslims wear GPS devices. So what…it’s an opinion show and that’s his opinion but a local libtard had this to say “The reaction has been heated. One CMM blogger wrote, “Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were Christians and they plotted the Oklahoma City bombing. Does ‘Gunny Bob’ also want all Christians fitted with GPS tracking devices?” To the best of my memory neither guy used their religion as a motivation for killing these people. Big difference I’d say. But not to the retards on the left.


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