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That’s what I call people who are blindingly ignorant. I suppose there are many on all sides of the political spectrum but whenever dhimmicrats are interviewed…well it’s like the people they interview when a tornado obliterates a trailer park. You know before they open their mouth that’s it’s going to send elementary English teachers straight for the morphine drip to deal with the pain of their ears. Why am I saying this? Because this news just popped up yesterday. Barack “the second coming of Christ” Obama has Irish ancestors. Well la de frickin da. His ma was white. Tons of Irish immigrated. Besides…despite the fact that he was raised by his white mom and grandparents, despite the fact that his father left when he was two and abandoned them…he considers himself black. It’s politically expedient to do so. And blacks and self-hating whites everywhere are in a collective circle jerk orgy fawning over him. Which brings me back to this Irish ancestry thing. Some American tourists were in Ireland recently when this news was announced and asked if they thought this would make a difference. What do you know…most they put on camera said they thought it would help and one even said that he’s a dhimmicrat and that’s enough for her. Stupids.


Rosie the Stupid is still yapping about 9/11 conspiracies and WTC 7. She’s going to have some Truthers on a future show. If you ever wondered if that show was a waste of airtime you need to look no further than this. Despite tons of rebuttal evidence, scientific analysis and all that (Popular Mechanics did a bang up job and wrote a book too) these mouthbreathers still won’t slither back under whatever rocks they formerly inhabited. That they can simulaneously claim Bush & co are a bunch of knuckle dragging, three standard deviations below norm humans yet still capable of pulling off 9/11 tells me everything I need to know about them and their lack of any properly firing neurons.


Not that I put much in to polls but this is interesting and a current example of media bias. We constantly hear how low George’s ratings are (in the low 30’s) but Congress’ approval rating is even lower–29%. This is good in a way because the dhimmis were given an opportunity in November to do something. They haven’t. Not one single thing. Now folks are going to really see what a useless bunch of dimwits they are. And if Republicans are smart, they’ll learn a valuable lesson. Americans want leaders. We want people that are not going to pander to special interest groups, that are going to do things that the federal government should to to protect us–securing our borders and enforcing our laws is a big part of that. This next election cycle could be really surprising.

The popular vote

Leave it to dhimmis and probably a few RINOS but this is bubbling under the surface to figure out a way to screw voters. Going back to the 2000 election, allegedly Gore won the popular vote. But lost on the electoral college. Since that year, dhimmis have been working hard to figure out a way that will never happen again. There are proposals that no matter how individual states vote, once the popular vote is tallied, all electoral votes will go to whoever wins the popular vote. This means that candidates will only have to focus on states with large numbers of electoral votes. Texas, California, NY, Florida and so on. States with three or ten…screw you. Majority rule. We are not a democracy which is mob rule. We are a republic. Dhimmis are all about mob rule and this is a way to bring that about.

I love this design from Cafepress.

and this nifty little poster. Wish I could get a hundred printed to hand out at the next anti-whatever rally.


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