Unasked for politics

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I love a particular type of hand craft. I like magazines about this craft. When I buy a magazine about this craft I don’t want politics involved. That’s what I got. And I’m mad at myself for not taking a look before I bought the thing. Why is it that the things I really like to do are filled with liberal wankers hell bent on shoving their idiotic rantings down my throat? I like to paint. I like animals. I like gardening. But it seems that most people that are attracted to these things are empty headed sheeple. Truthers. Bush = Hitler types. Give peace and chance and no blood for oil idiots. Is it going to be my lot in life that I cannot have a career doing something I love without having to deal with these morons?
I think I’ll fire off one of my classic letters to the editor letting them know I am unhappy and will not be buying their rag ever again.

Global warming skeptics

There is hope. Apparently more scientists are coming to the realization that this whole global warming thing needs more research. It may not be as simple as blaming it on man.

The perils of socialism

Stories abound in countries that have socialist welfare systems what miserable failures they are. Dhimmicrats and their MSM sycophants constantly regale us with stories that attempt to lull is with the belief that it’s a panacea of all ill. Sweden has long had a socialist welfare system. It is destoying that country. Perhaps it wasn’t so bad when it was a more homogenous society. But with the influx of immigrants that do not have the same work ethic coupled with their punishing tax code is leading to disaster. US citizens would do well to watch what is happening in countries like Sweden and Canada. It’s not difficult to extrapolate the same result here if we follow that path.

Tax cuts

John Stossel has a nice piece here about tax cuts and the economy. I don’t understand everything about the economy but I get the basics. And in this election cycle, we’ll see more of phrases like ‘tax and spend’ and ‘deficit spending’. We must demand our leaders do something about taxes and out of control spending that has nothing to do with saving our country from the enemies at the gate.

Racial media bias

The media howls when whites are perceived to be the aggressors against blacks. No calls for calm. No requests to let the justice system work. But what happens when blacks are the aggressors against whites? Silence. No whites marching in the streets demanding justice. No white race warlords materialize to whip up protests. Silence from the MSM. That’s all I’m sayin’. This heinous story out of Tennessee should get more traction but because it was whites that were slaughtered, it doesn’t warrant any attention beyond the local news media.


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