Jimmah Cartah speaks!

Posted: May 20, 2007 in Uncategorized
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The grand poobah of idiocy and mediocrity

What a tool. I cannot believe this idiot was ever president. He has broken so many time-honored traditions that made former presidents honorable people. He has openly criticised our country and president on foreign soil during a time of war. He has repeatedly opened his yap to denigrate our current president and now this. He claims Bush is the worst president ever. And of course the MSM eats it up. Why would he do this? Perhaps this vicious man is really getting worried about the historical light that will be shining on his failed presidency one day. And it will happen. When he passes people won’t be as squeamish about examining his policies and actions that are directly responsible for the current mess we are in today. Right now no one dares say much negative about him. After all, he won the Nobel Peace Prize (further proof this is a worthless award), he’s a humanitarian because he’s swung a hammer for Habitat and taught Sunday school (and has never met a third world despot he didn’t like). I’ve said it before and sometimes word does leak out but Jimmy is a mean individual. This myth that he’s just this wonderful grandfather type proves another old adage about the lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. OH…another reason for this recent blast of hot air is his latest book is about to be released on audio. he needs the publicity.

Methinks the party doth protest too much
Anyone miss Patty Murray (D-Wash State) on the Senate floor the Wednesday or Thursday? Let me back up a minute. Remember the dust up over the Governor of Kansas and the response to the tornado that leveled Greensburg? Allegedly someone from the DNC (Dean?) contacted her and told her to say the response was slow because of the troops in Iraq or else. The DNC didn’t deny this had occurred and instead slapped a C & D on the XM radio show to shut up about it. News reports and interviews with residents of Greensburg said the response was wonderful–within hours. OK…back to Patty Murray. She said (I wish I had a transcript but I’ll have to paraphrase) that we need to bring the troops home because there aren’t enough to take care of disasters in the US like what happened in Greensburg, Kansas. Now isn’t that what Sibelius is alleged to have been told to say so the Dhimmicrats would have another argument for bringing the troops home? Something really is stinky here. I’m thinking this was about to blow up, the Dhimmis got the lawyers involved to silence the info, but they are now using another female Dhimmicrat to say the same thing. Glad that culture of corruption is gone.

More volunteer work
I emailed the local Republican party today offering to help. And they need it. Their website is awful. Too much dead space, colors are bleck, it needs help. The local Dhimmi site looks good. Probably because of all the young, stupid geeks that the party attracts. I’ll do what I can.

and speaking of volunteering

It may be time to cut bait and fish. I enjoy volunteering and meeting people, but when you come to the realization that where you volunteer is so deeply liberal and you are not, you’re an outsider. I have a “W” bumper sticker on my car so there isn’t any doubt where I lean. I do not talk about it while there, never have. Don’t believe in that sort of thing. Besides the sticker pre-dates my move to this area by years. The liberal atmosphere permeates though. There was a recent controversy that was a classic clash between human safety and the needs of wildlife. I have a feeling there are more than a few that would be happy to see a few people die to ‘save’ one animal. They probably think Rachel Carson’s book is the best of example of scientific research that will stand up to scrutiny for the next thousand years. Do they feel any guilt for the millions of people that have died as a result of the hysteria that book caused? It’s very much like Al Gore’s book and movie on global warming. It’s taken as the truth when it is manipulative junk science at it’s best and I don’t get a rat’s left testicle if it did win the Oscar. The AMPAS is not a scientific body that can validate scientific data. But I digress.
It’s time for me to think about what I really want to do and where I can be of the most use. It is what it is after all, ya know?


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