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Posted: June 9, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Income redistribution to worthless causes

We live in a time where politicians seek more ways to take money earned by others (not themselves of course) and distribute it to those that haven’t earned it. A new Dhimmi proposal has leaked out that will further soak the ‘rich’ and a possible end to the earnings cap. This is wrong on so many levels but I sense a revolt. Not by the rich so much because that would be seen as mean-spirited and besides, there aren’t as many of them as us poor right so in the Dhimmi world of mob rule….. Well it would seem yet again that two celebrity twits, one of whom I never respected and the other, well, let’s just say he’s beginning to bore me, have decided to step up to the world stage and bleat about the results of the G8 summit and more specifically how much money has been ‘given’ to Africa. One figure puts it at $30B with half coming from guess who. First off…Africa is a continent. This little fact may be lost to many and causes endless confusion. Second, most of Africa as a continent is a shithole. There I said it. Most of the countries are ruled by iron-fisted despots. One question I’d like to ask Geldof and Bono is where the hell has all the billions and probably trillions of dollars gone that have been pumped in to ‘Africa’ since the first Live Aid? If something isn’t working you try a different tactic. Taking money from ‘the wealthiest nations’ and funneling it in to that sewer isn’t helping. It only props up the despots. Until the people themselves get fed up with the corruption and opt for a change, nothing is going to. It’s putting a bandaid (no pun intended) on a break. What has me gleeful this am is the comments section to the article. More than a few are lambasting the above mentioned as the posturing jerks they have become AND there is the realization in most that what I said above is true about African nations. People are tired of having their money taken in punitive taxes and given to those that haven’t earned it and more importantly, there has been no real progress on the things Geldof and Bono are whining about. AIDS is still rampant, poverty is worse since many dictators confiscated productive farms owned by whites and gave same to clueless inhabitants, and there are the various wars being fought between the islamotards and whoever gets in their way. C’mon…when do we get to cut our losses?

No Amnesty

The immigration bill is dead for now…’nuff said. We can’t let our guard down though. As long as Teddy ‘one for the road’ Kennedy is around and needs face time, it’ll crop back up. I sense a big voter revolt for any in the current crop of politicians that voted for this travesty. Your days in office are numbered and we won’t forget.

Internment anyone?

Speaking of threats to our country….One of the great myths that has been fostered by the drive by media for decades is this idea that the Japanese on the west coast and Hawaii were rounded up for no reason and shipped off to internment camps. Seems that wasn’t the case in many situations. Our leaders, because we had them then, knew that the safety and security of this country was of paramount importance when a war was being prosecuted and any threats had to be dealt with. So I give you this to chew on. Read the whole thing and tell me why we can’t do this now with any Mexican thug, Muslim goon or anyone that is a threat to the safety and security of this country?

Weekends in Paris

I never thought I’d say this…but I finally feel sorry for Paris. Not that I don’t think she needs to serve her time. But can you imagine being raised as she obviously was and getting thrown in the slammer. I’m sure she has no clue how to relate to anyone that can’t discuss $500 dog outfits, Bentley cars, flying out to St. Tropez on a whim. Got to be real cognitive dissonance going on in that head. But this is probably a good thing, maybe it’ll teach her a lesson but ONLY if she has to serve the whole sentence. Any reduction and she’ll feel like she ‘got off’. I know the mentality. Saw it when I was teaching. People need to face the full consequence for their actions. Lohan’s next.


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