The Goreacle lying? say it ain’t so

Posted: June 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Owl Bore has a new book. And like any book by a leftard, it’ll get lots of free press. It’ll be hailed as a ‘tour de force’ in expose literature and a ‘slam dunk’ indictment of Bush’s failed policies. Ahh…but thanks to sharp-eyed historians we now know that Gore uses a quote, favored by lefties everywhere and attributed to Abraham Lincoln that seems to foretell the present state of the US under Bush. Folks, this is another one of those things that will get more credibility because of the number of times it’ll be repeated. I thought it also interesting that this book has no footnotes and I’m assuming that also means sources cited. It’s just a typical liberal screed in book form and it’ll be up to people in the know to report the inconsistencies and outright lies I’m sure are part and parcel of this waste of a tree.

OOOO this is juicy!

William ‘cold cash’ Jefferson, long time opponent of gun rights, anti-gun nut you might say, has been ordered by a judge to….surrender his guns. Isn’t this so flipping typical of liberals? The Republicans get the hypocrisy label tossed at them all the time but I have to say whenever a conservative is caught doing something nefarious or two-faced, they are tossed. The DH likes to say Republicans kill their wounded. Not so with dhimmicrats. Theirs is a long history of slimy dealings and criminal activity but they continue to be re-elected and most of the time keep their committee seats. In my lifetime, there’s Teddy ‘one for the road’ Kennedy, the above mentioned loser, Bill ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ Clinton, Robert “KKK” Byrd, Harry ‘land magnate’ Reid, Nancy ‘tuna, no unions, and richest speaker of the House ever’ Pelosi, and the list goes on. These people keep their political careers intact despite serious allegations and even charges but let a Republican say something at a retirement dinner that’s deemed ‘racist’ and he’s gone. The dhimmicrats like to make big noise about integrity, eliminating the culture of corruption and all that rot, but the bottom line is there is no political party that’s ever existed that is more corrupt, more of a sell out of America, more of a danger to the future than the dhimmis. Which could be a good thing for the 2008 election.

What is it with this obsession with Fred Thompson’s wife?

I’ve already said it a few times but the degree to which the left in general and even some ‘conservatives’ will go after Thompson is the degree to which they feel threatened by him. And that of course will extend to his family. Instead of going after the candidate (when he does declare) and his record/positions, they are going after Jeri. Joe Scarborough (a waste of oxygen) equated her with being a pole dancer, and this quote in an email from a yahoo group I belong to: “he is married to a woman 20 years younger…..”. WTF does that have to do with anything? Don’t we have enough problems with this party without throwing such comments out that serve no useful purpose. From what little I know, she is an intelligent woman who has had a career in her own right. The fact that she is attractive has nothing to do with anything. Get over it you worthless, jealous wankers.

This IS cute!

Content caution. Viewing the video on the link may cause you to spontaneously combust.
You’ve been warned.


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