Mindnumbingly stupid

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

Asheville and Bele Chere

Reporting here from the beeeeyuutiful city of Asheville, NC. (cue up sound of news ticker) This truly is a pretty part of the country. But one really black spot—-that it must be home to the largest number of fucktards per capita this side of Tehran. I submit first for your consideration this from a booth at the Bele Chere festival. The booth’s purpose? To advocate for a ‘Department of Peace’ on the federal level. Actually had a small conversation with an aging hippie working the booth for like oh…2 seconds. I couldn’t believe this was for real. These are the same people that would claim in the next fucking breath that the government is too intrusive in our lives (which I do believe) but they want another department to oversee ‘peace’. What is in the hookah pipes these people have been laying on? It was an interesting day at the festival but I wouldn’t go back. It’s definitely something for all the alternatives out there and us conformists just need to stay away. Which reminds me—it’s not just us visitors. A few of the shop owners we talked to didn’t care for it either. It was a bloody nuisance and some stores even closed up for the weekend. Best time to go is in the daytime if you want to check out the vendors anyway.

While we’re talking about liberal wackos
They want to ban water. Yep. We drink too much and it causes excessive urination. Actually this was a stunt by Penn and Teller to see if they could get enviroweenies to sign a petition to ban water which was a fake. And they did. Which just goes to show you how mindnumbingly stupid these people are. My brother in law has a great idea for a bumper sticker. “Stupid should be painful”. These folks must hurt everyday.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Fairness Doctrine
Then this….on public access here. Two libtards engaged in some freaky stream of consciousness diatribe about whatever popped in to their two remaining neurons. OOOOOO what was the topic you ask? Wicca, don’t take being taken advantage of laying down, and how Clinton was such a great president and how Bush is the worst ever. Oh…and the cow half of the equation was perfectly giddy about being able to vote for Hitlery because she’s a woman. This is another example of why we need limits on who can vote. Since there is no right to vote, why can’t we? This stupid sack of dogsqueeze should never be allowed within 100 ft of a voting booth much less in it. Folks, you don’t vote for people because of their race, sex or anything remotely like that. Find out what the fuck they stand for and if they dodge the issues or refuse to commit themselves, look elsewhere for a candidate. People like Obama and especially Hitlery who have changed their positions on important issues so many times you couldn’t calculate it with the UNIVAC are not people worthy of your trust and more important, your vote. And Clinton’s presidency, when a sufficient amount of time has elapsed, will be viewed as mediocre at best. And treasonous at worst. I need not go in to what is known (he was the ONLY president ever to have lost the codes to the nuclear football, his use of this country’s resources in Bosnia which resulted in loss of American lives and ultimately has contributed to the current problems with the religion of piss adherents, etc) Bush has more than pissed me off in the last 18 months with his refusal to act on border security and the invasion of lawbreakers from Mexico but he is certainly no worse than his jackoff predecessor. At least he has marital integrity and that’s saying something. And hasn’t committed perjury. Despite what the KosKids say. But it’s going to be a long time before the MSM can get over their wet dream of those wonderful Clinton years. I’m reading an excellent book right now by Thomas Woods, jr “33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed To Ask”. Up to chapter 13. And I can tell you, those founding fathers really must have had a crystal ball. Get the book. It’ll change your thinking on a few subjects. I’m betting those two losers probably don’t crack too many books anyway unless it’s by Karl Marx or Noam Chomsky. Oh…the reference to the Fairness Doctrine earlier. Where is the outcry over this type of programming that is so blatantly leftist? Where was the program with a libertarian or conservative point of view? I didn’t see it…did you? I can tell you one thing, the only place a program like that could survive is on public access where no one is allowed to call in. If they had had to defend their points of view in the face of someone armed with the facts, they would have crumbled like a Frenchman getting a noogy.

Socialized Medicine
And this is where socialized medicine will eventually go. Something the advocates don’t want to talk about. There will be limits on what will be treated. There has to be. Without competition resources will be rationed. Look what’s happening in Canada with something as simple as an MRI. And while we’re mentioning Canada, a big deal was made out of the stats that more Americans moved to Canada last year than in previous years. What didn’t get mentioned is over twice that number moved to the US from Canada. I wonder how many were people that got up there and said ‘no fucking way’. My guess is the first time they needed some serious medical tests they sprinted back here because the wait was going to be too long.

Bush is to blame again
And this didn’t take long: Bush gets the blame for the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Because of war spending. Domestic spending has increased six times more under Bush than Clintoon was spending but that information will somehow never get mentioned in the MSM. Here’s an important question: Why do we need states anymore if we have the expectation that the federal government is supposed to take care of everyone cradle to grave? What is the responsibility of the states anymore? Ok…so that’s two questions but they need answers. Take the state of Louisiana for instance. Katrina was coming and what did they do? What did they do in the previous years with all the warnings that even people in other states had heard about? Warnings about the construction in the marshlands, the fact that the entire shithole sits below sea level, little things like that? What happened to all that money the states and municipalities were given to shore up those levies, keep those pumps in top shape? And what is the exact use of mayors too stupid to pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel but get absolved of all responsibility when they fail to act to protect their constituents?
Just askin’


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