Why do feminazis and other liberals cozy up to islamotards?

Posted: August 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m full of questions these days. I should have been a researcher of something. It would have been a lot less stressful and would have kept my mind busy. For the life of me I’ve tried to answer that question and cannot find one. For everything the gay community, ‘women’s rights’ organizations, even PETA always advocate, the one thing I can’t get is their propensity to condemn this country and it’s leaders while salivating over ME nutjobs. Really. Shamesty International slams the US for ‘human rights abuses’ but says nothing about what goes on in the ME DAILY. The UN hammers away at the US and Israel but puts countries with despots for leaders on their human rights council. Under Sharia’a law, gays are executed. Under Sharia’a law, women are no better than dirt or roaches. Under Sharia’a law, animals have no ‘rights’. There are no controls for the humane slaughter of animals for consumption. Yet these groups are in the vanguard of those that regularly condemn the US. I don’t get it. I guess it’s because they can. And their here. I like the slapdown Hirsi Ali gave that Canuck reporter because he couldn’t believe her stance. This is a paraphrase but she said something like ‘you can spit on freedom because you’ve always had it’. Love it. For more of this remarkable woman’s writings, see here.

This could get fun
It’s always fun to watch when libtard bedfellows end up on different sides of the river. Case in point: PETA vs SCLC and NAACP. Normally this bunch of bedwetters are marching lockstep against the evil conservative cabal. But thanks to Michael Vick there seems to have been a schism formed. Vick is a scumbag, has been since he came to Atlanta. He has stepped in more crap than pigs at my cousins farm. But he’s so wonderful he usually gets a pass. Maybe not this time. But those morons with the SCLC are going to honor him. And just last week the NAACP was pleading for calm and against a rush to judgement. Um…excuse me but wasn’t it you bunch of race whores that sprinted to Durham last year to whip up the ignorant masses against those Duke guys? Where was your restraint then? Oh…I forget…white guy bad so all bets are off. Sorry…but anyone with functioning brain cells could tell early on there was no case in Durham and it was only through the efforts of grassroots people and blogs that probably kept those poor guys from being railroaded into trial. Vick is a scumbag. Oops, my bad, said that already. But he is. And probably a criminal too. And I don’t have to presume innocence until proven guilty. The state has to but as a citizen, I can presume whatever the fuck I want to and I presume this fuckwad is guilty. That’s my opinion NAACP and SCLC, and I’m entitled to it.

Wasn’t Global Warming supposed to….
…give us massive hurricanes every freaking year? Nothing last year and now this. Fact: hurricanes have decreased since they started naming the things. And a study that looked at storm data since the 70’s (when satellites were put in to service) found that while storms increased in the Atlantic Basin, they decreased in the Pacific. Other interesting findings but go see for yourself. What’s made it seem worse is we have more people building in areas they shouldn’t so more people are affected. Couple that with this ‘I’m not responsible for what happens to me or any decisions I make’ mentality and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

I love this woman
Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Saw her interview on Youtube with some Canadian wanker and her slap down to him was priceless and classy. She’s written a great column for WaPo and it’s wonderful. What’s better is reading the few comments form islamotard apologists. They offer nothing but condemnations and the standard issue ‘she’s lying’ statement which doesn’t exactly strengthen their case. Oh..another thing these assholes like to do is sling accusations such as she lied on some documentation but don’t offer any links, proof, documentation. Losers. I’m pretty sure something bad is going to have to happen though for libtards and complacent folks to realize we are in a war and we’re going to have to demand our leaders grow some nuts, declare war and let it be on. These ridiculous police actions are getting us no where and the pisstards are getting stronger. Oh and one other thing, Hirsi Ali has the right to say what she wants as her opinion and this is an opinion piece. That’s what being in America is about. And liberals of every stripe should be leading the vanguard to protect this basic right. I won’t hold my breath.


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