I want to go to Sweden one day

Posted: August 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

Why? Because of this. What a country.

I don’t know what it’s going to take before we as a country pull together and realize the threat posed by adherents to the religion of peace. As long as the offenses aren’t whiz bang like 9/11, it seems most Americans are pretty complacent about the whole thing. Chip Chip Chip

A journalist in California was assassinated by a ‘black muslim’ who considers himself a good soldier. And two men ‘of ME descent’ were held near a military installation with ‘what appeared to be explosives’ in their trunk. This military base handles nuclear materials and is a location where ‘enemy combatants’ are held. Coincidence?

And back to California, more arrests on terrorism related charges.

They’re here. And they have the money, backing, and time. Our guys have to be right 100% of the time. They only have to be right once. We have terrorist sympathizers, democrat surrender monkeys, and all the moonbats that consistently side with these animals to deal with. What constantly amazes me is how the left, in particular, liberal journalists defend these assholes yet they are targeted as well. Remember Daniel Pearl, all the journalists that have been captured, tortured, and/or killed in the ME. Now it’s going on in the US. The lunatics with the New York City Schools have ALLOWED a madrassa to start up, with your tax dollars, next month. And look at the T shirts for sale by the school. This is beyond the pale. A version of Stockholm Syndrome?

And I’ve been following this story on a superficial level. Apparently some rag called ‘The New Republic’ (liberal) ran some sort of story/diary ostensibly from a soldier in the ME that leveled all sorts of allegations. And because it was in print it must be the truth right? Apparently not. But the rag will claim plausible deniability. They tried to verify it didn’t they? Hell no. Because the story had some reference to a burning woman (at the hands of US troops) and fit the template of Iraq war/Bushchimphitler bad it HAD to be true.
Yeah…you think that if it gives you comfort. When can we start prosecuting these assholes for their fabrications? When are we going to start holding these magazines accountable for knowingly publishing stories that were flimsy to begin with then failing to print a retraction.

UPDATE: Men charged in SC.


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