The threat is real–Update

Posted: August 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

While celebutards are whining about the evil US and the illegal war in Iraq, terrorists continue to figure out ways to exploit our weaknesses. Finally a report has been released which I’m sure will be largely ignored and buried on the back pages of newspapers which shows why we are having to limit the size of toiletry items on planes. Be sure to check out the video at the end of this article demonstrating how dangerouse the components could be.
As I said in an earlier post, these assholes have the time, patience, money, and will. Do we?

Seems the good, peaceful, tolerant folks in Iran have shut down another newspaper because of homosexuality.
Gotta love those tolerant muslims.

Listened to Glenn Beck this am while I was out and about. He was talking about the Vick case and the SCLC’s offer to honor/withdrawal of offer to honor Vick at its convention. I like Beck. Despite the fact that he looks similar to my ogre ex-boss. But Beck got something horribly wrong this am. He brought MLK in to the discussion with the often repeated claim that King was colorblind. That King in his most famous speech believed in a colorblind society where people are judged on their abilities and gifts rather than skin color. This is one time the liberals get it right. King never believed in such a thing. He was a socialist that believed America should pay (reparations) to blacks. He wanted some sort of great society like Lyndon Johnson’s poverty thingee just for blacks. What King was advocating was income redistribution. And the great state of NC is thinking about adding a course on King to the curriculum. I’m all for that as long as it doesn’t perpetuate myths about the man but presents him with warts and all. I doubt if that will be part of the plan.

Volunteer work….
It’s a good thing to volunteer. So many organizations really need help due to budget cuts and such. I do volunteer work. I’ve posted about my feelings about this place before. Although I feel the staff appreciate the volunteers, it’s a superficial appreciation with many of them. They may have their reasons for being stand-offish. Perhaps they are used to volunteers coming and going with ease yet they are there all the time no matter what. I feel there is a distinct wall between employees and volunteers. We do the dirty work, the nasty stuff that they know how to do but don’t usually. This frees them up for more important things. OK so far—when you volunteer, you do what needs to be done. Here’s the problem, there’s no SOP of what to say or do for the most part. That’s the frustrating part. We volunteers are out of the loop on a lot of things so we do the best we can. But who needs to the frustration? Who needs the worry that something they say, even if truthful, will not be received well by a staff member who overhears it? Who needs the little ‘talking tos’ when in reality, there was nothing wrong with what was said? I’ve said it before but it’s coming closer every day. It’s about time for me to stop volunteering at this place. Especially when I found out it’s not just me. Other volunteers have had the same things happen to them. Rudeness and lack of personality are no excuse for treating people this way. Another reason may be looming. The upcoming election cycle. I’m positive down to my toes that this group is rabidly liberal and liberals can not and will not keep their personal feelings out of work situations. So I ask again, who needs the frustration?

The true cost of illegals

Various news outlets, rights groups, and hollyweird leftards bray about how we need illegals to do jobs Americans won’t do and how they save us money, they truth does not bear this out. It is estimated that 20 BILLION gets wired out of this country every year to Mexico. That’s money that is not going to taxes, to buy goods or services in this country. Add to that number the cost to social services organizations, hospitals/health care, and education and the number probably goes in to the trillions. But the cost that is the most tragic is to all the ordinary people whose lives have been changed forever due to the actions of people that should not be here in the first place. Many of these criminals have been in contact with law enforcement many times yet somehow they do not get deported. There is a subclass too—thugs that go back to Mexico to avoid prosecution for their crimes. It should be noted that the thug government of Mexico, you know the one that’s always demanding the US keep the borders open because to close it would be racist, is no help. They refuse to extradite these scumbags.
So remember next time you hear the media or some celebutard crying about ‘undocumented workers’, think about this website.
This is an unbelievable video. I love animals. I don’t need to see animals getting eaten by other animals to know about the circle of life and all that crap. But this is good because the hunter becomes the hunted….twice. Very cool.


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