Posted: August 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

This is getting old but I suppose it’s always good to point out media bias. Karl Rove, a close friend and political adviser to President Bush, is announcing his retirement (I guess that’s the right word) the end of the month. There was some type of official announcement at the WH today and media wanker Bill Plante just couldn’t contain himself. Pathetic.

I think the 2008 election cycle is going to be very interesting. If those of us truly in the mainstream work hard, keep our heads, and stick to the issues and know our facts. I’m somewhat hopeful based on some recent news items. Not the least of which was the appearance of head KrazyKozKid Moulitsous Markos alongside Harold Ford, JR on Meet the Press yesterday. Allowing this fucktard on a network political show with a party head gives legitimacy to the far left wingnuts. Which is actually a good thing. It’ll drag the Dhimmicratic party further to the left and the more this asshole and his ilk are exposed to the light of day the more folks everywhere will start seeing them for what they are which will only benefit the conservatives. BWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA They simply cannot control themselves with their idiotic rhetoric and ravings so it’ll be fun to watch them implode.

Obama’s wife whines

Well she is a dhimmicrat, what did you expect. Questions keep coming up about Hussein Obama’s blackness. I think it’s fair. He’s counting on his blackness to get him in, that and white guilt. But his dad abandoned him when he was 2. He was raised by his WHITE mom and HER parents. Maybe their membership in that black racist church in Chicago is their way of making him more black? What a phony. And typical dhimmicrat, will do anything to get elected. They must have read Bill ‘former rapist-in-chief’ Clinton’s book and taken a page or two out of it. Sorry Hussein, Bill was our first black president.

I don’t agree with violence when it’s for other than protecting yourself, property, or someone else. So I’m saddened that the news claims religious extremists (Christians) are behind a donnybrook over an exhibition that portrays Jesus as ‘gay’. It would be much better to be quiet about this type of thing. By causing a scene they’ve only drawn attention to a morally bankrupt exhibition and people will now go to see what the fuss is about. I’m reminded of a Father Ted episode ‘The Passion of St. Tib’ or something like that. Get a grip folks, you don’t have to like it but don’t act like an islamotard over this dogsqueeze. It’s not worth it. I bet the artiste that created this crap wouldn’t dare do a faggot Mohammed exhibit. Sweden would be in flames.

I’m beginning to think we should get out of Iraq.

But not for the reasons Dhimmis like to say. Recent news that the Italian authorities uncovered an arms ring between the Iraqi leadership (you know the one that’s supposed to be working with coalition forces? and where did they get the money to get arms on the black market anyway?) and Russia.


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