Posted: August 16, 2007 in Uncategorized

I probably didn’t spell that right. Who cares? What I do care about is living next door to a clan of them. Why is it me that always seems to pick a house that is next to these trolls? UGH I call them troglodytes because I have been finding cigarette butts in my side yard, where my dogs hang out, and couldn’t quite figure out the who and where. I’ve seen them smoking on their front porch which is adjacent. The butts were in line with side of the porch. I think it’s a decent deduction. So the other night I heard them out there–it was about 10:30. I kinda take after my mom and we call her Spook because she had this way of appearing out of nowhere to catch us kids up to no good so I snuck out and waited. I didn’t take long before two were lofted over the fence. I asked nicely if they wouldn’t do that anymore.

In the News….

Remember that little tv segment on Saturday mornings? Used to tick me off because it ate in to my cartoon time. Back when (I think) cartoons were actually good. But I digress.
Hussein Obama is back in the news. Which is good because the more he yaps, the more obvious that he is a loser. This guy is worse than clueless. Keep talking idiotard.

This is sad. But orcas off the SC coast? That’s kinda neat…Who knew?

Becks scored!!! Who cares??? As usual, the glitterati don’t get it…we don’t care–about Becks, Posh, and especially soccer. It’s football season so any more news about Becks will be on page 25…in small print. BWWAAHAHAHAHAHA

Hugo Chavez has changed his country’s constitution. A proud moment for all the libtards that think this guy is just a wonderful man of the people. Sean Penn has wet dreams about him and Cindy Sheehan can’t keep her panties dry at the mention of his name. This is a true dictator consolidating his power. So while these idiots flail around with BDS remember that they like THIS guy…they really really like this guy.

And while we’re talking about folks the left just LOVES, how about dem muslims? I guess I’m really starting to understand why the left thinks they’re just like us..because they are just like them. Take the issue of free speech. It’s ok as long as you say what they say or want to hear. Don’t have a different opinion. Islamotards are the same way only they have pantloads of ill gotten money to sue the dogsqueeze out of you if they don’t like what you say. Our future, if we don’t get some representatives with some nuts to stand up to this bullshit.


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