Nice people

Posted: August 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

One of the best things about living in a tourist destination is meeting all the wonderful people from all over. Met a wonderful couple and their son from Northern Ireland recently. Had a real difficult time understanding them at first because of the accent but they didn’t seem to mind my frequent requests for them to repeat themselves. Geez I can’t wait to go over there and I promised not to be the ugly, obnoxious American stereotype.

Saw the coolest spider today too. A Golden-Silk spider. She was HUGE!. Like the orb weavers, you have to be careful of the webs or you get that arachnolepsy thing going on but they are harmless. I’m not a fan of spiders unless they are where they should be and that’s not in my house. But this was pretty cool.

Water restrictions

We are not running out of water. Unless it’s going in to space on the shuttle. It’s potable water that’s the problem. As new developments are built, more stress is put on the existing water supply. Everywhere you turn municipalities are having to pass ordinances and laws regulating the use of water. I normally would say there are way too many laws on the books but in the absence of common sense I guess this is what has to be done. What are ya gonna do? What I don’t understand is how businesses get away with their water usage? How many times have you been driving down the road during a storm and there’s a car dealership or apartment complex with the sprinklers running? If they can pass restrictions on home owners with fines for noncompliance that we must have sensors, why can’t businesses? I admit I don’t know if there’s a problem with this but logically I’d think this would be easy to do.

Mean people suck

I don’t watch American Idol. It’s insipid. And the rejects are painful to watch. These poor, deluded people think they can sing. Auditions were held in Atlanta and the AJC website has a video news report. One guy at the end was pretty good, the hubby says he’s a first rounder at least. YAWN
Also in the AJC–this story about a really pretty dog with a hunting knife stuck in its head. What kind of evil troll would do something like this? On the bright side, the dog made it through surgery and it looks like she’ll be OK.

Appeasement at any cost

How far down the road are we going to be requested to go to appease members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage (phrase not coined by moi)? some bishop in the Netherlands (I think) says all we have to do is stop saying God and say Allah!! Yeah that’s it…that’s the ticket. This is so dangerous because some people would think because he’s a church leader he must know what he’s talking about. This guy doesn’t get it. It has nothing to do with what we call our supreme being. We could call him Joeybagadonuts and it wouldn’t make a difference. Only thing we do need to remember is there are three ways for the infidel under Islam: a slave, convert, or dead. It’s that simple. The problem here is people want paint muslims with the same Judeo-Christian brush. They are like us aren’t they? They just want to live and let live. Right? RIGHT???? I admit that may be the case for many, but not all. And that 100 to 150 million that constitute that small minority of radicals don’t think like people with Judeo-Christian values. They have no respect for human life. Witness the daily carnage at cafes, markets, housing developments in the ME. And it’s other muslims they are killing!!!! (along with many other groups but you get my point) Bottom line is this. They don’t have the same belief system that the western world has. They can’t. Because their culture, their beliefs, and their lives are so entwined with the Koran and the hadith and it is in direct opposition to western culture and values. And all these imams that preach hatred? If they were really preaching things that were not in the Koran wouldn’t they be condemned for heresy? But they aren’t. So the silence is approval for their words from the muslim community. What other conclusion can I draw?

I’ve been sucked in

I’ve started following the story out of the UK over the disappearance of a little girl from her family’s holiday apartment in Portugal over three months ago. When the story first broke I was pissed at the parents. I don’t care how far they were from the room you don’t leave three small children alone in a room while you go out eating with your friends. Even if you had a schedule where you were taking turns checking on them every 15 minutes which I don’t believe they actually did. All that being said, it’s a sad situation that looks like it will have some resolution coming soon. I don’t think they would have been able to figure this out if it weren’t for the UK police and the lab help. Which kinda is a warning to us all if we travel to be vigilant–and those goes for travel within the US.

The Death of Diversity

Can it come too soon? Good article. Respect other people and cultures? yes But are all cultures equal? No way. I’m not Jewish but I highly respect the Jewish culture. They’ve had more Nobel laureates than any other ethnic group (I think). In a variety of categories too. Contributions to the world of medicine, science, arts, etc. You will never convince me that the Jewish culture is equal to the Arab culture. This is one bogus movement that needs to die. Respect yes, cowtow never.


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