A classic hypocrite

Posted: August 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m basically mistrustful of most politicians today. I have serious doubts if any really care about this country. It’s just a matter of degree. But it’s always a real treat to point out dhimmicrats and their foibles–especially when they spend so much time blathering about ‘two Americas’ and how much they care for the poor. John Edwards is a pretty big wanker in this department. Here’s a cool story about just how caring the silky pony is. I think it says it all. This guy has benefited from multimillion dollar lawsuits many would say were frivolous and now here’s a company he worked for through 2006 that is going to foreclose on lots of poor folks in hurricane ravaged New Orleans. Of course he’s dog paddling as hard as he can, offering financial aid to those about to lose their homes, refusing to invest HIS family’s money in THOSE firms, etc. How long would he have continued working for this firm and taking it’s employees’ campaign contributions if he hadn’t gotten caught? My prediction…this story will disappear.

Globull whoring

I’m guessing the little protest at Heathrow has been covered adequately in the news. Maybe if Owl Bore would stay home they wouldn’t need that extra runway which contributes so much to greenhouse gasses. Just a thought…

While we’re on the subject of globull warming, I found this article very interesting. 50 billion US has been spent on this farce since 1990 and not one definitive human link has been found.

Columnists that make me whince

She’s said some things that I definitely fine a bit strong, but she does hit things on the head. Coulter’s latest.

Idiots in education

This story is right up there with that insipid rainbow fish book. Let me set this up. Schools and charitable groups have for years been gathering school supplies to give away at the beginning of the year. Each summer they make a plea for people to donate school supplies to less fortunate kids. Go in to any office supply store and there will probably be some kiosk thing with lists of what’s needed. I’ve been to bookstores too where they ask if you’ll buy a book for a kid. Um…no I won’t and I’ll tell you why. Too much fraud. Personal experience here. There are ‘parents’ that will not buy their kids school supplies because they know they can go to various charitable organizations and get clothes, books, notebooks, etc. There was a lady that lived down the street from us who was a classic case. She was too depressed to work you see. Had two or three kids too. Had a computer with internet. A brand new (at the time) Chrysler mid-size car which was in the 30 to 40 thousand price range, the name of which eludes me right now. They lived in a two story house in a nice subdivision with Section 8 funding. And yes there was criminal activity but I digress. Because of all this she was considered income deficient therefore taxpayers had to take care of her and her progeny. What she was good at was milking the system. She never bought her kids school supplies, clothing or Christmas presents. She was hooked up to every charity and government benefit in existence.
So here it is back to school time and there’s a nice little article showing kids picking up their free stuff. Embedded in the article is a comment from the executive director of a local education foundation, and I am quoting here “It is the best way to build self-esteem, in addition to giving them the tools for learning. They’re walking into school equal to anybody else.” What a load of dogsqueeze. You don’t build self-esteem by giving people things they haven’t earned, even children. Kids understand when they work for something the get a sense of accomplishment and that’s where self-esteem comes from. All these kids are learning is entitlement. They are owed. Someone else should give them stuff because their broodmare mothers and sperm donor fathers are too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to provide for them. In the case of small children, they would need to understand their parents are working for these things.Only thing these handout programs do is create another generation of lazy people that believe the government, ie taxpayers, should give them whatever they need and want. Look at the pics and tell me if these kids look poor? Nope. If I know of someone hitting a rough patch I will help that person. But contribute to organizations that enable this type of behavior, hell no.
Which brings me to the last thing, life isn’t equal or fair. Children are individuals and not equal to each other. Such socialist claptrap leads to more problems than space allows. Let’s just say it’s going to make life really miserable beyond the age of 18, unless we have a socialist president by then because it takes a village right?


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