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Posted: August 21, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I personally wouldn’t have wanted to see this in person but a tiny picture doesn’t hurt the eyes. Globull whoring believers strip down and lay on a glacier that’s melting in Switzerland. I guess the mining equipment left there centuries ago and has been found by receding ice recently can’t possibly mean it was warmer prior to SUVs. Just a thought.

The Maddy case

I guess they are going to make an arrest soon.

Globull Whoring bites the dust

It is becoming more and more obvious that this whole thing is something socialists/communists have dreamed up and pushed under the guise of being environmentalists. A new study out gives a more definitive review of the data and actually makes the claim that man-made global warming is untrue. Owl Bore has been quiet since his Live Earth concerts were such a complete bomb. I wonder if he and his buddy Leonardo will have any comment on this?

This will be used to bolster enviroweenie claims

Hurricane Dean made landfall. I hope no additional lives were lost. It had one of the lowest recorded barometric pressure since records started being kept in the 1850’s. You can bet your boots there will be a news weasel somewhere that will take that and infer globull whoring is to blame. Barometers have been around a long time but how accurate were the instruments then compared to now? This is just another interesting statistic that will pop up on Jeopardy but in no way validates man-made global warming claims.

It must be a new school year. Welcome students!

This travesty is still on. We need more protests. The idiots in charge need to know this is unacceptable.

I was really worried about this. It’s still hard for me to believe that we regularly send these craft up. NO other country does that.

I finally did it. Next week will be my last doing my volunteer work. I have to admit it was easier than I thought and I feel as if a big weight has been taken off my shoulders. Now I can concentrate on the hubby, our house and our lives.


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