I shouldn’t be surprised

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Uncategorized
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The NAACP thinks Vick is not guilty. I guess that little thing called a guilty plea means nothing. To add to the complete waste of oxygen this group is, they also think he should be allowed to play football again because (and you can’t make these statements up) …., White says Vick is a human being who has made a mistake and should be allowed to prove that he has learned from that mistake. A mistake????!!! Engaging in an illegal activity that resulted in the deaths of dogs both in the ring and outside by his own hands, not to mention the additional charges of racketeering and this is a ‘mistake’ in the jackoffs book? If anyone needed any further proof what a complete bunch of wankers the NAACP is I say look no further than this. Oh…and contrast this with the Duke case of just a year ago. What was the official word of this bunch of idiots? Those rich, white guys were GUILTY!!! Guilty I tell ya. Run ’em outta town on a rail. I weep for this country if this is the caliber of representation for the black community.


I know people who think midgets are cool. They’d like to own one. My hubby is one of those people. This is for them. Do they really have a convention of little people in Las Vegas?

And in a related story….sorta.

OOOOOOOOOO Big news flash

Liberals read more than Conservatives. I’m not joking. That just proves liberals are more literate than conservates then. Right? Not so fast snappy says I. What are they reading? Conservative books by conservative authors routinely outsell their liberal counterparts. So it’s not political books. What about business or economics? I’m betting no there too because libs are so lousy at basic economics.
I know what it is….comic books and fiction!!!! These people live in some sort of fantasy world anyway. But don’t tell Pat Shroeder. She’s some big publishing trade group thinker or something. And she is a Democrat. Now you remember where you’ve heard that name before. Bias? You don’t say.


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