Brain drains

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Dhimmicrats should love this. They love an uniformed public–sheeple—they can lead around. And they will have that in about 10 or so years if this keeps up. People that still have a work ethic, even those from other countries that try to come here right way, are getting tired of the line jumpers. Same thing is happening in the Britain with its citizens. So we’re going to lose educated people who try to do things the right way while the parasites from the south continue to flood our nation. Update The Mexican congress sides with Elvira Arrellano. Big surprise. What arrogance.

Urban legends

Our inboxes are flooded everyday with spam and garbage. One tiny segment that could be dealt with at the source regards urban legends. You’ve all seen the subject lines and you know what’s coming. You’re not going to get a free phone, M & Ms for a year, or a laptop from Bill Gates for forwarding an email. Why can’t people do a simple check on or It’s a no brainer. And I guess what really kills me are the number of emails I receive from people that have sent them before and have been shown those websites to check these things out. It’s just pure laziness to just hit the forward button and shows a lack of respect for the time of others.

Run ins with wild animals

People have to live somewhere. It’s unfortunate but a fact that as the population increases, the need for our habitat increases. Apartments are mostly crappy. I don’t care how nice the place is, you are packed right next to other people and have to deal with the noise, crime, and usually parking is a bloody inconvenience. We’ve had a juvenile bear in the neighborhood this week. Twice. What’s funny are the comments I get from people though. Mostly it’s of the ‘poor things, all these new houses and they’re losing their habitat’ genre. For one thing, this housing development I live in is not new. Two, do the people saying those things live in single family dwellings or apartment/condos? Do they think they are somehow superior because they live within city limits, that their home doesn’t count? Why don’t they sell their houses and move to more eco-friendly multiple family dwellings (which are what many greenies are advocating)? Just a question.


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