Clinton lied…again

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

As if we need any more proof that this guy is a sack of smegma. I mean really. While I’ve got Clinton on my mind…this is a good article from ABC news only because it shows once again how deluded the MSM is about his legacy. Take this paragraph:
But, as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., is learning every week, his legacy can be a mixed blessing — a reminder of peace, prosperity and Democratic victories, but also of scandal, gridlock and “triangulation” that frustrated many liberals.
Peace, prosperity, and Democratic victories? The first two were smokescreens at best. What Clinton was best at was hypnotizing the country in to thinking all was right with the world. His channel surfing military engagements were largely glossed over by the MSM so most people think the world loved us and just wanted to sing kum bah yah with us. Prosperity? He was lucky that he inherited economic policies from the previous administration and he did nothing to impede that progress. It started to finally run out of stem in late 1999 and lucky for him came to a head during W’s first term. Democratic victories? Wasn’t it during Clinton’s watch that the Dhimmis lost both houses? 1994 or 1995.
You have to love the negatives listed in the above paragraph too. Scandal sounds nice doesn’t it. How about impeachment. Denying a person their day in court. A shoddy foreign policy that enabled and emboldened terrorists (Bosnia), gave away technology to communist countries (N. Korea and China), the list goes on. Count on the MSM to shield his true legacy from the cold light of day. Count on it.
Furthermore While the MSM tries to whitewash this criminals legacy, his true legacy is still playing out in the courts. Sandy Berger learned from the best. It appears the Clinton Administration destroyed documents related to this case. It is said a fish rots from the head down and this fish was rotten when it took office.

Who the bloody hell do these people think they are?

Why do we continue to allow this travesty to exist on US soil? What makes them even think the sovereignty of the US is superceded by them. Caution: More globull whoring BS.

I may move to Tulsa

No…probably not but finally someone is getting a clue.

And they still won’t build a fence

This is what those in the know have been saying for years. But we let hispanding, diversity, and PC keep us from enforcing our laws.


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