Did the US create OBL?

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Not sure. I’ve seen that claim and based on my limited knowledge of the problems in Afganistan and the Soviet attempts to take over that country I believed it. Now I’m not so sure. If you read this it makes more sense than the simplistic ‘we made OBL’ claims. I doubt the MSM will flesh this out because one of the linchpins of their belief systems is the we made this monster claim.

Congress’ poll numbers

The MSM makes a big deal out of Bush’s horrible poll numbers but when are they going to point out that the current Congress has poll numbers that are at an all time low. Something like an 18% approval rating. That’s lower than Bush right now. Of course I disagree with much of what this pundit has to say especially about the Iraq war and you always have to be on your guard when people start using words like most or everybody. A quick gander at her credentials shows she’s a member of academia with a formal education in journalism so it’s a safe bet she’s a dhimmicrat. And don’t buy the crap about her campaigning for Dhimmicrats and Republicans as proof she’s non-partisan. There are loads of people that run as Republicans who are just as left of center as Pelosi. If you feel like wrapping your brain around the official report, you’ll find it here..

The mortgage ‘crisis’

I’m the first person to admit I have no freakin’ head for business or finance. Probably because I’m math phobic. But enough about me. I have been following the problems with home morgages and here’s my take. For the last 15 or 20 years banks and other lending institutions have been under a lot of fire to give mortgages to minorities because they were underrepresented in the overall housing picture. So it was assumed these racist institutions had to be keeping minorities down right? That’s when I first started hearing about 100% financing and other creative ways to get people in houses. Now it’s all come crashing down. And true to form Dhimmicrats and other liberal types are crying for a federal government bailout of people who are losing their homes and a bailout of lending institutions that have gone belly up themselves. Leave it alone. The situation will right itself and come out a whole lot healthier. Folks with mediocre or bad credit (I’m one of them) need to learn to save, clean up debt issues, and THEN get a home with conventional financing. I haven’t actually seen any recent data on who is defaulting on home loans by race in this current situation (there is some info from 2002), but I am willing to guess that many of them are minorities that shouldn’t have gotten a mortgage in the first place. I agree that it’s one of the things many aspire to do…own your own place. Apartments are mostly bad and renting anything is just helping someone else make that payment. But as I’ve seen many times in my life, if you don’t really work for something, if you haven’t sacrificed and struggled to save, it rarely means that much and I think that’s what’s happened here. A bunch of people have gotten loans for homes and their spending habits did not change. This is the last thing that should happen.


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