I almost broke my neck…

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

when I saw this news blurb. Unbelievable. First this woman crosses the border illegally. Then she’s caught and deported but comes back again within days. That’s two times she comes against the sovereign laws of this country. Then she gets a fake SS card and a job, has an anchor baby and when it appears she’s going to get arrested and deported again, she takes up residence in a fake church and claims asylum. Fast forward about a year and she’s now in the northern Mexican state of California giving a speech in a church. But when she arrogantly leaves, obviously believing she can now come and go as she pleases she’s finally arrested and deported. So we have an individual that’s thumbed her nose at the laws of another country not once but at least three times but who’s fault is it? Need you ask.

I have the time and I’d dearly love if we could get a few thousand people together and meet on the border and just walk across to the nearest city. Flood the welfare offices there, enroll our children in local schools but demand they be taught in english, etc. You get the idea. I’d do it. Let’s see what would happen with the Mexican authorities. My understanding it’s a felony to be in Mexico illegally. A felony. Let that sink in. They don’t have a judicial system like us either. You will go to the slammer and there you’ll stay until someone pays a ton of money to get you out. The DH has a great idea and I’m ashamed I didn’t think about it first. Why can’t hospitals or municipalities sue the Mexican government for the cost to take care of their citizens here illegally. The Mexican government has enabled and encouraged this invasion. It helps prop up their ineffective government and gets rid of their poorest inhabitants. It’s a win/win deal. Just a thought.


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