Globull worming

Posted: August 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

The Orlando paper today had two letters to the editor about globull worming. The first was against the idea that it’s all man-made. The second was a typical liberal letter that started off with the ‘how can so many intelligent people not believe…’ mantra. So I got to thinking…always a dangerous thing.
Assigning blame for the phenomena seems to be at issue. Pro-warmers blame man. Others claim its part of a natural process and man has less of an impact than believers claim. I’m firmly in that camp and here’s why. The earth has gone through warming periods before. Current information indicates we are entering a cooling period now. The sun has been going through a hotter period and instruments have shown increased surface temps on other planets where neither SUVs nor Al Gore exist. The common factor is the sun. So why is there a controversy? A quote from Dr. Bob Carter (geologist/paleoclimate researcher, James Cook University, Queensland) says it better than I could. “In one of the more expensive ironies of history, the expenditure of more than $U.S.50 billion on research into global warming since 1990 has failed to demonstrate any human-caused climate trend, let alone a dangerous one.” Fifty billion US to find an anthropogenic cause and NOTHING has been found?

Couple this with the recent revisions in the NASA/Goddard GISS data due to reporting stations being in areas with man-made sources of heat (temperature gauges located next to parking lots, heating/AC units, and buildings). This skewed the temperature readings higher in those locations. This means the scientists had to revise the temps down. The end result of the new data showed the hottest summer on record was not this year (or 1998) but 1934. It has also been discovered recently that the UN’s own IPCC fudged their numbers to make it look like global warming was worse. Many IPCC scientists refuse to release their research for peer review. Michael Mann has refused to release his methodology for review of the now famous ‘hockey stick’ chart. Government scientists in the aforementioned GISS report have refused to release their temperature adjustment algorithms or software for scrutiny. Eventually, Steve McIntyre found a Y2K bug in the software that makes the statistics even more suspect. This data is often cited by Al Gore to support man-made global warming. His own science advisor James Hanson has a history of letting politics and money color his agenda. One begins to get the picture there’s an awful lot wrong with the whole theory. Man-made global warming is not a slam dunk.

Like any cult that claims the world is going to end on a particular date which does not come true, the warmists continually revise their dire predictions to fit their agenda. A recent article online actually stated global warming is going to begin in 2009!!!! How is that possible and why is the claimant given any credibility? What is behind the whole anthropogenic global warming madness? The biggest advocates of man-made warming turn out to be members of environmental groups that also have strong affiliations with socialist organizations. The anti-US UN is the leader of this vanguard. How else to explain the constant hammering on the US to abide by UN rules when far worse environmental polluters (China and India) are ignored? Look at the rhetoric. Endless references to ‘big business’ as being the evil entity and the cause of so much suffering abound. A safe translation of that is western civilization in general and the US in particular as being the evil culprits. It also can’t be ignored that the feeding frenzy of global warming cranked up after the fall of the major socialist/communist countries. The Kyoto Protocols which many wish the US would sign would do nothing but hamstring the US economy while turning a blind eye to non-capitalist environmental offenders. Why is that? Why the exemption?

Global warmists constantly use phrases like ‘everyone knows’, ‘no one disagrees’, ‘the consensus is’, ‘only educated people’, and ‘X number of scientists have signed …’ but these types of phrases send up red flags. Like classic advertising propaganda from the 60’s and 70’s (4 out of 5 dentists, choosy mothers choose….) this verbiage is designed to make skeptics feel like they are on the fringe or worse—just plain stupid. It’s also like taking a test where the possible answers include the words always or never. A quick perusal of many lists that have been signed by scientists have shown many have no expertise in the fields of meteorology, climatology (global or otherwise), and related disciplines. No one would go to a proctologist to have their eyes examined but they are both doctors right? Also, global warmists consistently try to silence scientists and others that disagree with its causes by calling them emotionally charged names, equating them to Holocaust deniers and making outright threats against their person. It’s always fun to watch when emotion clouds logic.

In science, there is rarely a consensus. The debate about global warming and its causes is best left to the folks who actually have the ability to collect and interpret the data honestly. Not politicians. Not actors. It is important for all of us to do what is logical and reasonable to eliminate waste and protect the environment within our sphere of influence. But I for one have no confidence that a dreamcatcher is going to take me anywhere so eliminating my car is not going to work. Indeed, there are some researchers that claim even if we did eliminate cars, buses, earthworms or whatever, it would have no effect on the overall global temperature in the foreseeable future.

So what is behind this? Power. And one side of the argument is clearly hungrier for it. There’s money to be made both by entrepreneurs (global warming scam artists really) and politicians in global warming hysteria. Have you bought your carbon offsets yet? Think about all the taxes politicians will levy against those evil businesses to fight global warming the result of which will drive up prices for goods and services. Many professional scientists rely on continuing the belief for their livelihoods too. The 130 scientists Scott Maxwell (actually he’s quoting the website) mentions to discredit recent comments by Tom Tancredo are the IPCC—an organization dedicated to perpetuating global warming frenzy and by extension their jobs. Talk about motivation. Dr. Claude Allegre (geophysicist and French Socialist who was one of the first to talk about man-made global warming 20 years ago) has said the prophets of doom are motivated by money and that ‘”..the ecology of helpless protesting has become a very lucrative business for some people!”. So hold on to your wallets if cooler heads don’t prevail.


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