Anniversary of Katrina

Posted: August 30, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I’m sick of Katrina anniversaries. Call me hard-hearted all you want. Natural disasters happen all the time. Why is Katrina/NO so special? Is it the complete incompetence of the elected officials of Louisiana and New Orleans to do the things they were elected to do? Is that what makes that disaster so ssspppeeeshhhhuuulll? I remember over 10 years ago, while living in NC MILES away, hearing talk about the weak levies and the construction and destruction of the wetlands which serve as a natural buffer from the gulf. So we have at least 10 years when the alarms were being raised and billions of taxpayer money was being pumped in to that area to shore up and repair levies, conduct assessments of preparedness and weaknesses so they could be rectified. Where did all that money go if not to do the things it was meant to do. Every elected official in those years needs to be held accoutable by the citizens for their current debacle. That’ll never happen. Because George Bush, a Republican, is president of the US and it’s all his fault. Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin will never be called to account for their complete incompetence in the days and hours leading up to Katrina’s landfall.

How much money was given to the citizenry in the days after Katrina? And the years since? More billions and yet tonight, on the evening news, the story (allegedly) is nothing has been done. The 9th Ward is still abandoned. Nagin is whining that Bush has not done what he promised. What about you asshole? WTF have you done besides get reelected and blame whitey for all your problems? On the bright side, a news weasel pointed to a trailer behind him and proudly proclaimed that the woman inside just got word today that the government was going to rebuild her home. Re-read that. My question is if my neighbor had some natural disaster obliterate her home would taxpayers be responsible for rebuilding? I think you know the answer to that. Bottom line: NO is a shithole, has been, always will be because of what appears to be a majority of residents. Parasites that have been raised on the taxpayer teat and are therefore entitled. Human scum…all of them.

Let’s see…what else is in the news….

This is interesting…..Greenpeace founder slamming DiCaprio’s GW pic? Well, at least as it pertains to trees.

Chinese donations

Didn’t the Clinton’s have a problem with Chinese donors in the past? What’s up with Mr. Hsu and why is he so secret?

Birds of a feather

If you had any doubt as to who socialists/communist want to see run the US this should clear things up a bit.


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