The Politics of GW

Posted: August 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

The other day I posted about articles in Sundays paper on GW. There was one letter to the editor that was right on target as a skeptic then a counterpoint letter that started with the ‘how can intelligent people not believe..’ statement. I’m ok with the point/counterpoint letters. What’s troublesome are the articles written by jounalists that blamed GW on the Russians claiming the north pole and Scott Maxwell’s political slap of Tom Tancredo who is a politician and skeptic. Let’s talk about Maxwell’s stab. Tancredo made some statement that he could provide a list of skeptics or something that would be equal to or exceed the list of alarmists. Maxwell basically called Tancredo a liar and quoted which cited the UN’s IPCC study of 130 scientists that say it’s all man’s fault. Here’s the big problem. As I’ve stated before, the IPCC depends on perpetuating the anthropogenic global warming model for their livelihood. is a jounalist-run site. When 80% or something like that of journalists identify themselves as liberal you start to see where the wagons are being circuled and by whom. Conspiracy? Probably a loose confederation of dunces is more like it but what was funny about Maxwell’s column is he’s basically cited another media outlet’s information to discredit Tancredo. Anyhoo…my point is this. Today there is an article out that may prove Tancredo was more right than Maxwell would admit. I don’t look for any retraction from him either. He’s firmly in the GW camp and that’s his right to believe. What’s pathetic is how he uses his column to push the agenda.

But back to the article mentioned earlier. It is a survey of published climate research articles and it found less than half endorse GW. Read that again…less than half. The guy that did the survey of articles used the same criteria for searching that another person used a few years back who found the articles favored man-made GW. It is that author’s findings that are cited often by GW alarmists. But the articles she researced were in some cases 10 years old. Now it seems more climate researchers are either changing their opinions on the causes of GW or more skeptics are coming forward. Either way it helps the debate. Of course, DiCaprio’s movie is coming out so we’ll see how that piece of propaganda alters the landscape of the debate.

What bothers me is how many organizations I once thought of as above the usual politics of GW have bought in to this wholesale. Take Audubon. I love birds and nature. That’s why I do think it’s important we do our bit to eliminate wasteful behaviors. It just makes sense. Many organizations want to go further than is reasonable and are using GW to push their agendas. Take a quick gander at their website or if you get the chance, pick up a copy of their magazine. Every issue now it seems has articles on GW. Their website has an article on a world without man. This is the envirofreak wet dream. The debate on GW needs to continue but in scientific circles. Reputable environmental organizations (if there are any left) should stay out of the political. OTherwise they will lose credibility when additional research is published and GW because a fad cause celebre that will fade.

Sweden Caves to the Islamofascists

Do you hear a chipping sound? I do. It’s the sound of western culture being eroded to appease the islamotards. Don’t print anything that may offend them. They get their seven day shitters in a bunch and can’t deal with it. Screw them. Sweden has apologized for hurting their feelings. Guess I’m not going to move there afterall.

More NO

Seems I’m not the only one sick of the whining in NO. It’s awful easy for the Dhimmicrats to bash Bush and blame everything on him while making promises. They aren’t in the hot seat. But remember their promises after they took control of Congress in the fall and how that’s working out….not too good….BWWAAAHAHAHAHA


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