Back in the saddle again

Posted: September 4, 2007 in Uncategorized
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Have you ever been somewhere that was just praised so much but the actual experience was a nightmare? It happened this mini-vaca. I wanted seafood and figured we were at the beach, should be able to find a place that serves some good shrimp. So we asked around, even the locals said this was the place to go. There was a cute looking restaurant over the water at the marina but it was universally told it wasn’t the place to go. So here we trot off to the one that was universally praised. Bad move. It was a nightmare from the minute we gave our name at the door. Now we don’t mind waiting–not like we were starving. We were told we could sit at the bar to wait. When they came to seat us…it was in the bar! A local musician was playing and it was loud so after being ignored by several waitstaff the DH goes to request we be moved to a different table (they had an upstairs). We’re finally seated upstairs, next to the stairs and the long wait begins for our waiter. We had to ask another waitress for him. When he finally showed up, we gave our order. Our food shows up courtesy of someone else who places it on the table and scoots off. My tuna steak is raw. After flagging down our waiter it goes back to the kitchen. Poor hubby feels bad because his is OK. Mine comes back…still raw. I’m almost hysterical I’m so mad—so what do I do? Start laughing. A kinda weird maniacal laugh too. So I end up with a salad. Two hours and a salad. I left out a bunch—the long waits where our waiter would disappear. I honestly don’t know what he was doing. Some time later he shows up with the check but he can’t take the card because the ‘computers are down’. We felt like we were hostages. It’s like this—if the food is wonderful but the waitstaff is bad, you can kind of pass it off for what it is. At least there was some redeeming quality to the experience. Or if the food is mediocre but the waitstaff is fantastic, you can salvage something there. But when the whole evening is messed up, that’s another thing. They only charged for hubby’s food, he gave the guy cash and we bolted. I find it hard to believe that night wasn’t a wash for some other people too.

Let’s see…what have I missed?

Cat 5 hurricane heading for Mexico. Variety attributing the boffo box office to global warming. These idiots just don’t give up. On the bright side, some Brits are starting to think all this GW crap is an excuse to raise taxes. Bully for them. Now if we can get these idiots over here to think there may be hope. John Edwards is putting his health care plan out and the main tenet is mandatory preventive care. Mandatory? Geez Johnny…who’s gonna pay for this?
I like stories like this. Too many times wild animals get blamed for things they have not done. Most if not all wild animals avoid humans and our habitats like the plague. If something does happen it’s because the critter was cornered or surprised.

Geez…that’s all I found interesting? Slow news day. Oh well, happy Labor Day.


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