Leo’s movie tanks!

Posted: September 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’ll call the bwwaambulance. HAHAHAHA I couldn’t be more happy. Owl Bore’s Live Earth tanked too. I really think there is a growing opposition to this bunch of assclowns that are shoving globull whoring at us. My faith in people is somewhat restored. I love it.

GOP Debate last night

The hubby watched it. All of it. The report this am is Huckabee impressed him. Guiliani and Romney not so much. Ron Paul is the Kucinich of the GOP. And the rest just faded. What part I did see was interesting. The questions about immigration were pointed. The crap about gay marriage drew some boos. I agree with hubby. Why should there be an amendment for marriage between a man and woman. Why isn’t the gay lobby being forced to gather interest in an amendment for gay marriage? Why is it always whites, Christians, or heteros that are put on the spot? Just a few questions.

Why should this surprise anyone

That Mr. Hsu is one shady character. He was a big time political fundraiser for the Clintons but it turned out he was a fugitive. So he turns himself in and promptly disappears. Nice. To think that people want to elect this woman to the highest office in the land. If you hung out with shady people not to mention the number of dead people that is a legacy of the Clintons, no one other than shady people would be your friend. Actually you’d be in jail but that isn’t going to happen with the Clintons.


I have no idea why I read their English website or what my fascination is with that country. I do feel their media attempts to be even-handed. There are articles like this that make them look like fecking idiots. A shirt with your country’s flag is considered racist? Then here and here. Who do these asswipes think they are making demands of a sovereign nation? Their PM needs to tell these countries and groups to go fuck themselves. Diplomatically of course. Anyone that believes in free speech should be riled at these demands and demonstrations. It’s a cartoon. What about cartoons and such in muslim nations that is bigoted to say the least.
Kudos to the artist for his comments on the matter. At least he’s one guy with some common frickin’ sense.

Those Swedes should know. Communism is a completely bullshit ideology. The very things it is supposed to prevent–a class society, wealth concentration, etc–it fosters. Everyone except the ruling party members was equally poor. Food was in short supply. Then there’s the deaths of millions. Estimated at 100 million in gulags, starvation, firing squads and such. I ask the same question all the time. I think I know why liberals and other assorted leftards are in love with communism. OK…two reasons, one is they are stupid. But the main reason is power. Those that really understand what a communism is are hungry for power. If they can convince the sheeple that it’s a good thing and the evil rich will have to hand over their assets so the sheeple can have it too, then all power will be concentrated at the top and it won’t be for the good of anyone. Think about it.

On a similar vein

You do realize this will all be blamed on Bush. Remember though this is a guy the liberals just love and look what he has done to that country and it’s Constitution. He is a dicatator. Somehow he’s better than Bushchimphitler though—to Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Cindy Sheehan and their ilk.

The Maddie story

I really am tired of hearing about this. Apparently it sells newspapers in the UK. There should have been a news blackout until an arrest was made. Every frickin’ day this rag has a story that an arrest is imminent–in a few weeks or days. Get it over with. It is getting interesting that they are reinterviewing the mom & dad separately. Very interesting. I’m guessing their stories aren’t matching and they are doing this for clarification.

Very sad news

I am not big in to opera. But that doesn’t matter. This guy was a legend in our time. God bless him and his family.

Wow…time to go hit a lick around the house….


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