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I can’t say it any other way. Kucinich. What a tool. When is our government going to start leveling treason charges? Damn someone get a set please. If this isn’t giving aid and comfort to an enemy of the US someone tell me what is. This guy goes over there and sucks up to a known dictator, slams the US, and in general has a 4 year old tantrum with no consequences. People of Ohio, be ashamed. This isn’t someone standing up for principles. I can not understand how people like Kucinich, Kennedy, and Kerry (the KKK of our country) keep getting elected. What is fundamentally wrong with people who continue to vote for these assclowns. Must look in to this.

Maddie update

They’re saying on the news this am the mom will be/has been charged and later the dad also. I think part of the confusion is how the legal system in Portugal handles criminal cases. It will be interesting to see what evidence they have leaks out. I don’t want to say I think they’re guilty yet but it is a fact that most murders occur at the hands of people known to the victim.

Yeah!! common sense prevails

A court has upheld the GA voter ID law. The plaintiffs did not prove the law put an undue burden on voters. Someone call the bwwammbulance.

Did they or didn’t they

Update on muslim demands in Sweden. I’m not sure I believe they didn’t make some demands. The media in general has been lax in reporting when muslims have been arrested on terrorism charges or anything else so who knows. The truth will probably leak out some weeks from now and it’ll be in the form of changes seemingly instigated by the Swedish government. If they do, it’ll only embolden these Islamic thugs and the slippery slop will just get more slippery.


THe GOP debate was the most watched the other night and even beat Clinton’s appearance by a wide margin. Actually it had higher ratings than any previous debate. I saw some clips of Ron Paul last night and while I agree with him on several points–mostly Constitutional issues–overall he’s a bit of a nutjob and not a good candidate. His blame the US for 9/11 was way off the mark.

Affirmative Action

This bears repeating.

That is all.


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