Petraeus’ testimony

Posted: September 11, 2007 in Uncategorized
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I’ve seen bits and pieces. Petraeus was as I expected a four star general to be. Blunt. I like it. I think it goes without saying the dhimmicrats didn’t like what he said. Lantos (D Ca.) was completely idiotic. I mean, his mind was obviously made up before the man even cleared his throat. I’m guessing he got his marching orders from the Dhimmiheads. The general could have told them anything and they would have disagreed and insinuated he was a shill for the Pentagon and the White House. Just unbefuckingbelievable and disrespectful. OH…the usual cast of Code Pinkos and Cindy “dumb as a box of rocks” Sheehan were there. Useless twits. Newsflash jerkoffs….Osama was watching you make spectacles of yourselves and it’ll probably take a nude pic of Rosie to get the grin off his face.
Interviews at the local VFW hut were great though and said needs to be said–let the military prosecute this war. NOT the politicians.


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